SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler cranes 653 E and 6113 E, coastal protection port of Cannes, France Lifting and positioning of artificial stone concrete blocks
port of Cannes SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler cranes 653 E and 6113 E
17.09.2020 | Cannes, France | Author: Heike Baier

Two SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler cranes on the French Riviera: Big reconstruction job for the new coastal protection in the port of Cannes

The Port of Cannes has been carrying out renovation and reinforcement work on the Laubeuf and du Large seawalls since 2018: it is a major construction project for both the port and the City of Cannes. The main objective of this renovation work is to provide people and infrastructure with long-term protection against severe wave action, in harmony with the environment. Thereby flexible in use for lifting and pick & carry tasks: the SENNEBOGEN 653 E and 6113 E telescopic crawler cranes.

When you think of Cannes, you think of film festivals, the Croisette and the marina. But Cannes also has to deal with everyday problems for coastal cities, such as storm tides, like at the Quai Laubeuf and Quai du Large. Therefore, extensive renovation and reinforcement works are taking place in the port of Cannes. The several involved contractors responsible for the lifting work on the construction site, consisting of a joint venture driven by TD Spada of Campenon Bernard / Group Vinci, Razel-Bec / Group Fayat and Negri, decided to use two SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler cranes: a 50 t crane and a 120 t crane will lift and move the loads along the promenade, both supplied by sales and service partner SYGMAT.

Big project to secure the port and enhance the public space

The scheduling of this construction work has been divided into three separate phases, spread over three seven-month periods between October 2018 and April 2021, so that the pace of port activity and of major events hosted in Cannes is not interrupted. This will allow customers and professionals to continue using the port’s services without too many restrictions. Once finished, the seawalls will be redesigned to include a panoramic promenade, accessible to people with reduced mobility, offering one of the most breathtaking views of the city of Cannes and making an undeniable contribution to the beauty of the site and the quality of life for locals. This new 360° promenade, over 400 metres long, will connect that of the Quai Saint-Pierre to the facilities in the newly designed BoccaCabana district.

SENNEBOGEN 50 t 120 t telescopic crane telecrane 653 6113 costal protection
Dreamteam: Two telescopic crawler cranes on the French Rivera in operation for the new coastal protection in the port of Cannes

Compact dimensions combined with 50 t load capacity: the 653 E as the means of choice

Storm surges are a recurring problem. Because during almost every one of them, the quay that reaches from the Old Port into the sea is under water. To remedy this situation, the quay is currently being reinforced with breakwaters over a length of 615 meters up to the helicopter landing platform. The construction of the wave return wall prevents the parking lot and the port facility from being flooded. The SENNEBOGEN 653 E, rented and operated by FOSELEV, will be used to support the civil engineering work taking place there. Due to the limited space available on the lake promenade along the breakwater, the unique combination of compact size and lifting capacity of the 653 E telescopic crawler telecrane is the perfect choice. Thanks to its lifting capacities of up to max. 50 t, the SENNEBOGEN 653 E covers a wide range of applications: lifting, moving and positioning large lifting loads, even on inclines of up to 4°, is mastered effortlessly. The powerful, up to 30.4 m long boom, which can be telescoped as a full-power boom even under load, allows flexible use on any construction site.

Crane rental company's favourite: the 120 t telescopic crawler crane 6113 E

The current protective armour (consisting of natural riprap) will be replaced by a protective armour composed of artificial concrete blocks, more precisely by 4 m3 accropodes made at Cannes la Bocca. The SENNEBOGEN 6113 E, rented out by ENCO, is handling and positioning the concrete blocks underwater. Two main reasons for choosing the 120 t telescopic crawler crane from SENNEBOGEN: its precise and smooth command system to adjust the blocks safely close to the divers and with constant sea currents, and the capability for the crane to be quickly in transport position and to go away from the dangerous sea-side when the weather changes soon and the waves are growing very fast during winter time. With a lifting capacity of 120 t, the powerful SENNEBOGEN 6113 E telescopic crawler crane is the ideal support for customers in the construction industry and crane rental. It shows its advantages particularly when lifting, moving and positioning large loads.

Hinweis: Einsatz mit Mannkorb benötigt Sonderausstattung und bedingt die Erfüllung nationaler Zulassungsvoraussetzungen

Attention: Use with man cage needs special equipment and requires fulfillment of national requirements!

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