up to 13 m
up to 21 m
Piktogramm Fällbagger Umschlagmaschine Umschlagbagger SENNEBOGEN 738 E
SENNEBOGEN 738 E Schriftzug
up to 23 m

SENNEBOGEN tree care handler: Your advantages

01 High range, Maximum power

  • Convinces even in complex problem tree felling with an impressive working radius:
    • Up to 23 m reach possible

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Tree Care Handlers: FAQ

What is a tree care handler / felling machine?

A tree care handler, sometimes also called a felling crane or felling machine, is an excavator equipped with a telescopic boom. At its tip, powerful attachments can be operated via a separate hydraulic circuit, e.g.:

  • grab saws
  • rootstock cutters
  • felling grabs
  • mulchers
  • cutting units
  • trimmers
Tree care handler from SENNEBOGEN at tree felling along a road

Where are tree care handlers used?

The machines are used in tree care and landscape conservation, embankment maintenance, timber harvesting, mulching and clearing work.

Tree care handlers are mostly used by tree services or municipalities. Particularly along roads, trees are subject to road safety regulations, which is why they have to be professionally maintained on a regular basis. This is where the machine shows its strengths: In tree care as well as in tree felling work, no tree climbers or aerial work platforms are required; instead, one employee sits safely in the height-adjustable cab, which is equipped with a full safety guard. This means maximum safety and saves valuable time. Because tree care handlers usually work much more efficiently than conventional solutions.

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Tree care handler videos

Tree felling in order to ensure traffic safety - SENNEBOGEN 728 E

07 Feb 2024

Gunnison Tree Service successfully uses SENNEBOGEN tree care handlers for tree felling in order to ensure traffic safety in the US.…

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