Cranes for bridge construction

The construction of new bridges is always on the agenda when rivers, valleys or existing infrastructure need to be crossed. These are usually structural masterpieces of the highest quality that require years of planning and execution. In addition, more and more bridges have to be rehabilitated or a replacement construction has to be built. In addition to rail and road bridges made of precast concrete elements, there are now bridges of every size, consisting of in-situ concrete, steel composite or pure steel construction parts. In order to be able to bring the enormous components and bridge girders to their destination, the cranes must not only have very high load capacities and a high hook height, but also be mobile. 

SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes and telescopic cranes offer you the perfect combination of performance and mobility for complex projects in the construction of new bridges or bridge replacement:

  • Moving parts weighing tons safely under load
  • Optimum overview thanks to the optional elevating cab 
  • Fast and effective lifting operations due to high load capacity and winching power
  • Stability thanks to stable wide-track undercarriage
  • Convenient operation via remote control

Belgian construction company Artes Rogiers, which has several telescopic cranes with hydraulic cab elevation in its fleet, appreciates the overview that the elevated cab position gives the operators. As a result, work can be completed faster and more safely.

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