SENNEBOGEN demolition machine 830
Demolition Safety and reliability


Find the right solution for all demolition tasks - whether that be a duty cycle crane with conventional wrecking ball or a modern, multifunctional and efficient hydraulic demolition machine.

  • Robust, precision crafted steel design and long-lasting hydraulic components
  • Service-friendly design with engine installed in the longitudinal direction
  • High stability, safety packages for cabs with bullet proof glass
  • Hydraulically elevating cabs, tiltable by up to 30°
  • Attachment lengths up to 36 m
  • Crushing and pulverizing: a range of demolition machine attachments  available

Demolition challenges

SENNEBOGEN demolition machine excavator 830 building demolition selective dismantling

Demolition and dismantling

Demolition and dismantling with the multifunctional hydraulic 830 demolition machine or the 870 demolition machine with a range of attachments

Demolish Big Things

Videos of demolition in action

SENNEBOGEN 830 E Demolition with new features

21 Oct 2022

The tried-and-tested SENNEBOGEN 830 E Demolition presents itself with new options for even more efficiency in demolition and…

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