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Dredging is defined as a duty cycle crane task with a grab that is used at least partially underwater. This is not a material handling application, rather it is pure excavation of river or sea beds - even with a greater depth - as well as lifting and placing of stones and other heavy obstacles. The objective of this work is usually the maintenance or development of waterways. For this purpose, the cable dredgers are often mounted directly on a ship.

Due to the typical operating conditions during dredging, the grab can get stuck on the seabed and then jerk free. This places special demands on the operator, the duty cycle crane and the pontoon / ship as a counterforce. SENNEBOGEN duty cycle cranes are equipped to meet the special dynamic requirements of dredging 100%. With us you get

  • High performance machines with comfortable power reserves
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Low diesel consumption

Advantages of SENNEBOGEN duty cycle cranes for dredging

Fast and precise grab positioning

guaranteed by the grab stabilizing winch installed in the boom base. It prevents the grab from swinging and swaying.

Dredging pictures

Videos of dredging applications

SENNEBOGEN 6100 HD Crawler - River bank restoration with clamshell grab

06 Aug 2021

The SENNEBOGEN 6100 E was designed for dynamic and demanding applications, such as here for soil backfilling to create a near-natural…



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