Quarrying / Mining

SENNEBOGEN offers in its assortment duty cycle cranes, also called dragline excavators or hydraulic rope excavators for quarrying work and for the extraction of raw materials - in particular for the extraction of gravel, sand, coal, clay and other building materials. The machines are robust and particularly suitable for use with draglines or dragline buckets:

  • Our duty cycle cranes are designed for particularly dynamic and demanding tasks
  • High reach and conveying capacity: Dragline bucket application, among others, up to 25 m digging depth and 45 m outreach; conveying capacities from 40 m³/h to 400 m³/h
  • Wear reduction and a guaranteed long service life of the machines 

Quarrying / mining applications

SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crane 670 gravel extraction dragline bucket quarrying industry load capacity 70 tons

Gravel extraction

SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crane 655 gravel extraction with dragline bucket quarrying industry

Sand extraction

55 t duty cycle crane SENNEBOGEN 655 extraction quarrying dragline bucket

Removal of overburden

Advantages of SENNEBOGEN rope dredgers in raw material extraction

Performance in dragline operation is determined by high torques, high winch pulls and ergonomic control. An optimized fairlead with cable guide creates the best working conditions and reduces wear and consumption.

01 SENNEBOGEN Fairlead

Fairlead for cable guidance and thus reduction of wear and optimal winding.

How does a duty cycle crane with dragline work?

Definition duty cycle crane with dragline

Duty cycle cranes with dragline buckets or dragline bucket excavators are the most important machines for quarrying, mining, raw material extraction or for excavation work.

Design of a duty cycle crane with dragline bucket

A dragline excavator is a duty cycle crane equipped with an open dragline or dragline bucket. This attachment is used to pick up and convey raw materials and bulk materials above and below water. The dragline bucket consists of a heavily perforated half shell open at the front, which is suspended from two chain strands. Both chains are attached to the retaining/conveying cables of the cable duty cycle crane. The dragline hoisting rope is routed over the boom head and operated by the first free-fall winch. The dragline hoist rope runs frontally through the base of the boom and is connected to the second free-fall winch.


Method: Extracting material with dragline

Equipped with the dragline bucket, duty cycle cranes can pick up and convey a wide variety of materials, including sand, gravel, clay or loam.

The free-fall winch operation allows the duty cycle crane to cast the dragline bucket more or less far as needed by swiveling the uppercarriage, much like a fishing rod. The duty cycle crane then pulls the ejected dragline through the material to be extracted until it is filled. This process can be done both underwater and above water. By swiveling the uppercarriage and simultaneously pulling up the dragline, the material is removed in a continuous motion sequence, transported to the unloading point and then unloaded.

Work area duty cycle crane with dragline

The working range for dragline bucketing is at a boom position of 15° to 50°.

Example: The SENNEBOGEN 655 E can be equipped with a 2.2 cubic meter dragline bucket and a 29.9 meter lattice boom. In total, the duty cycle crane then still only weighs a light 63 tons, but with this relatively light weight it has a large working range of 30 meters. If one wanted to achieve this range with a hydraulic excavator, one would need a particularly large base machine. This would be many times heavier and more expensive.

Bernhard Kraus
Head of Sales, Crane Line
SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crane 655 dragline bucket gravel extraction 55 tonne

Extraction industry pictures

Videos of extraction industry applications in action

SENNEBOGEN 6100 E Duty Cycle Crane in operation for gravel extraction

06 Aug 2021

The SENNEBOGEN 6100 E duty cycle crane can be configured to meet your individual customer requirements: Here it is equipped with a…



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