Hafenkran Mobilkran Kran SENNEBOGEN 9300 E Hafenumschlag Materialumschlag Schiffsentladung bulk cargo
Port crane SENNEBOGEN 9300

Technical data:

Load capacity
up to 90 t
Hook height
up to 43 m
Diesel engine
585 kW

Port crane for port hanlding up to Post-Panamax Class

With a load capacity of 90 t at a reach of 19 m, the SENNEBOGEN 9300 can be used for all ship sizes. The port crane loads and unloads ships up to Post-Panamax class. Thanks to its unique Skylift cab adjustment it provides a comfortable and safe access to the optimal working position. The mobile undercarriage with all-wheel steering and 14 wheel sets ensures it is maneuverable and has low ground pressure

SENNEBOGEN 9300 E pictogram: port crane for loading / unloading ships and handling port items

9300 Mobile


Your advantages

SENNEBOGEN 9300 E Port crane for handling bulk cargo

Innovative port handling

  • Bulk cargo handling with 4-rope or 2-rope grab, container handling with spreader
  • Available with electric drive (615 kW) or diesel engine (563 kW)
  • Powerful motor slewing unit (90 t)
  • Sophisticated mobility concept: excellent stability and lower ground pressure thanks to even load distribution across 14 wheel sets
SENNEBOGEN port cab interior view mobile harbour crane port 9300 E

Better view of the port

  • Safe, comfortable elevation to working height in a matter of seconds
  • Work at a viewing height of up to 21.2 meters
  • Perfect view into the ship’s hull thanks to custom height adjustment
  • Excellent machine maneuverability in the low cab position
SENNEBOGEN 9300 E Port crane power pack / engine compartment

Service-friendly design

  • Walk-in electric and diesel power pack with all hydraulic and engine components
  • Clear, clean engine compartment
  • Optimized ventilation and filter system, ideal for bulk cargo handling

The SENNEBOGEN 9300 in operation

SENNEBOGEN 9300 E mobile harbour crane with electric drive for bulk cargo handling, 90 t load capacity, 41 m jib length
9300 Mobile - Mobile port crane with electric drive handling grain - More info
Location: Turkey
SENNEBOGEN 9300 E Mobile harbour crane port crane
9300 Mobile - Harbour mobile crane concept: Popular solution for maximum flexibility in ports - More info
Location: Italy
SENNEBOGEN 9300 powerful and innovative port crane Loading and unloading
9300 Mobile - Unloading a ship
SENNEBOGEN 9300 powerful and innovative port crane Loading and unloading
9300 Mobile - Filling the hopper with coal to load trucks
SENNEBOGEN 9300 powerful and innovative port crane Loading and unloading
9300 Mobile - Ship unloading possible up to Panamax size
SENNEBOGEN 9300 E Port crane Ship unloading Material handling Port handling Coal handling Ship loading Ship handling
9300 Mobile - Port handling
SENNEBOGEN 9300 Port crane
9300 Mobile - Mobile undercarriage
SENNEBOGEN 9300 Port crane
9300 Mobile - Loading the mobile undercarriage
SENNEBOGEN 9300 E Port crane Road transport
Factory transport for loading in port

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