SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crane 630 crawler hydraulic engineering
Duty cycle crane SENNEBOGEN 630
Load capacity
up to 30 t
Hook height
up to 35,5 m
from 2 x 90 to 2 x 120 kN
Diesel 186 kW

Compact Duty Cycle Crane with 30 t load capacity for hydraulic engineering & well construction

The SENNEBOGEN 630 E is multi talented and suitable for a wide range of applications in the quarrying industry, dredging, hydraulic engineering, well construction, pipework and for use with a leader or for lifting work with crane attachments. It stands out in particular for its narrow transport width, which makes it easy to transport, its high stability and its robust design. The mobile version of the duty cycle crane is a versatile all-rounder for downtown construction sites.

SENNEBOGEN 630 E HD Mobile Duty cycle crane / Hydro duty cycle crane / Dragline pictogram

630 Mobile

SENNEBOGEN 630 E HD Crawler Duty cycle crane pictogram

630 Crawler


Your advantages

SENNEBOGEN 630 E Mobile duty cycle crane special below ground construction

Multi talented for a range of applications

  • For casing machines and drill grabs up to DN 1200
  • For dragline buckets up to 2.1 m³
  • For diaphragm wall grabs up to 10 t grab weight
  • For material handling with clamshell or orange peel grab
  • For lifting work up to 30 t and direct use with vibrator to insert sheet pile walls


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The SENNEBOGEN 630 in operation


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