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Spare parts

quick, reliable and global supply

Spare parts

Around 30,000 different items are held in stock to guarantee quick and excellent service for your machine - even for discontinued series.

Our central spare parts warehouse in Germany is around 10,000 m² and combined with our regional spare parts warehouses overseas, we can guarantee the best possible availability and quick delivery.

  • Supply of spare parts to all continents through our global dealer and service partner network
  • Rapid handling of urgent orders with the highest level of service
  • Established logistics network for the fastest and most cost-effective transport times and methods
  • Over 100,000 order items per year

Delivery Performance in figures

Delivery on the same day
Delivery within 24h
Delivery within 3 working days
Sennebogen spare parts

Original spare parts

Low service costs with original SENNEBOGEN spare parts

Our original spare parts will reduce the maintenance costs of your machine and ensure flawless functioning and the longest possible service life. We guarantee fair prices. 

  • Lower service costs with the use of high-quality SENNEBOGEN spare parts
  • Quick identification with clear labelling of machine parts
  • Save costs by using recommended filter and maintenance packages

Service Catalog

English file

Service Catalog

SNNEBOGEN parts catalog online

Dealer Information Center (D.I.C.)

Automation via our online portals

  • Automated order acceptance via our Dealer Information Center (D.I.C)
  • Check the global availability of spare parts online
  • Access machine documentation globally via our online spare parts catalog
  • Dealer login to the online spare parts catalog via the Dealer Information Center (D.I.C), documentation area
  • Machine owner login via parts.sennebogen.com:
    - Individual authentication of each machine using machine and engine number
    - Machine owners can send requests to dealers directly

Service kits - faster service and best possible availability

SENNEBOGEN offers a wide range of useful, low-priced service kits and repair kits. Whether you have the electrics set, the o-ring set, the nuts, blots and screws kit, or the SAE flange repair set, the spare parts you need are right there on-site.

Electrics set

All the most frequently required electrical components from fuses to a universal multimeter in one box.

O-ring set

Clear and well-organized - more than 300 Viton quality o-rings in different inch sizes.

contacts world wide

Dealer and service

SENNEBOGEN guarantees a global presence with over 180 international sales partners and over 300 service stations. Find your local contact quickly.