SENNEBOGEN 821 E Material handler Scrap handling Scrap yard Scrap magnet
For scrap handling Scrap magnets and generators

Magnet and generator for efficient scrap handling

Ideal for demanding continuous use in scrap yards and other metal-working operations: Magnet plates and scrap magnets can be efficiently used with the hydraulically driven SENNEBOGEN generator for material handlers. The generators and the respective machine's hydraulics are closely aligned to each other to achieve maximum efficiency levels.

Your advantages

SENNEBOGEN scrap magnet for material handlers

Scrap magnet

  • Different magnet loads available depending on machine type
  • Ideal mass distribution, robust design
  • Ideally suited to cleaning and handling tasks in scrap yards and steelworks
SENNEBOGEN Generator for scrap magnets Material handlers


  • Hydraulically driven generator with state-of-the-art technology
  • Designed for demanding continuous operation
  • Maximum operational safety esp. with surge protection
  • 4-pin version for low generator speed (1800-2200 rpm)
SENNEBOGEN 825 E Mobile material handler Scrap handling Scrap yard Scrap magnet

Perfectly coordinated technology

  • Machine hydraulics and generator optimally adjusted for the best energy efficiency
  • Six different demagnetization programs
  • Easy-to-service design and easy to operate


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