Sheet pile driving and pulling

Sheet piles are components that are frequently used in special civil engineering. The sheet piles are inserted into the excavation pit by crawler cranes, telescopic cranes or duty cycle cranes using special vibration or pile-driving methods to a suitable depth and connected to each other. Finally, they form a vertical wall, the so-called sheet pile wall. This wall serves as a shield against water and/or as a support for the soil. It can be used permanently or temporarily. In the case of temporary use, the cranes pull the sheet piles out of the ground after completion of the work and lay them down in a controlled manner. The sheet piles can then be reused.

SENNEBOGEN cranes are convincing when it comes to driving and pulling sheet piles due to their 

  • robust booms
  • low ground pressure thanks to wide track undercarriages
  • the realization of customized special solutions

Duty cycle crane: operation with leader

Individual design of hydraulic and mechanical leader attachments

for hanging leader mast with diesel hammer or hydraulic free-fall hammer, hanging leader mast with drill drive and endless screw, hanging leader mast with vibrator, free-riding slip-on leader mast and swinging leader mast.

Telescopic cranes: use with vibrator

Crawler telecrane with 70-tonne load capacity, SENNEBOGEN 673 E, sheet pile installation under high-voltage line, Netherlands

Customized design for the operation of hydraulic attachments

for free-riding attachment vibrators.

Sheet piling pictures



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