Waste recycling

Two challenges, one solution

Sorting and loading

Waste recycling

Two challenges, one solution

Sorting and loading

Recycling used tires

Two challenges, one solution

Sorting and loading

Waste and recycling

Our material handlers  assist with the unloading, sorting and reloading of materials in the recycling sector. The, at times, difficult working conditions in the recycling industry require special protection for people and machines.  Your machines need to be robust enough to deal with a wide range of demands. Our machines are able to deal with the processing of all recycling materials such as used paper, used timber, waste, used tires, scrap and construction waste.

  • Robust, precision crafted steel design and long-lasting hydraulic components
  • Service-friendly design with engine installed in the longitudinal direction
  • Efficient electric engines are optional on all machine types
  • Dust protection for people and machines and  safe operation with the elevating cab

Waste management challenges

01 Loading

Safe loading of shredders, crushers and sifting machines

02 Unloading

Loading and unloading of trucks, walking-floors, railcars and containers

SENNEBOGEN material handler recycling waste 818 E crawler

03 Sorting

Screening and sorting out recyclable material

Recycling pallets with a telehandler

04 Piling up

Piling up and handling materials

05 Indoor use

Ideally suited to indoor work when combined with electric power supply

Waste recycling pictures

817 Mobile - with sorting grab
818 Electro Crawler, orange peel grab - Indoor plasterboard recycling, Great Britain
818 Mobile Electro - Loading a baler - with a SENNEBOGEN sorting grab
818 Mobile - Loading containers
818 Mobile - Loading truck with waste, France
818 Mobile Electro
821 Electro - Loading an indoor shredder, power pack solution
821 Mobile - Loading a shredder with industrial waste, Sweden
821 Crawler - Sorting bulky waste, Switzerland
825 Stationary Electro - Feeding a scrap shredder, Hungary
825 Mobile - with a SENNEBOGEN orange peel grab
825 Mobile Electro - Indoor use with ceiling power supply
830 Electro Stationary - used timber recycling, Switzerland
355 E telehandler - Storage yard logistics with lifting fork, recycling used tires
355 E telehandler - Recycling pallets, used timber

Videos of recycling in action


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