SENNEBOGEN 840 E Electric material handler Crawler Gantry Gantry undercarriage Scrap yard Material handling Scrap Scrap handling
Scrap handling The biggest range globally

Scrap handling and steel mills

With the largest portfolio of material handlers  in the world, we have the right solution for all your scrap handling challenges. Thanks to the modular construction of our machines, it is possible to meet individual, customer-specific requirements for demanding applications in the scrap industry.

  • Robust design and long-lasting hydraulic components
  • Efficient electric engines are optional on all machine types
  • Operator safety (bullet proof windshield, protective guard on cab)
  • Wide range of attachments, aligned to the machines: orange peel grab, magnet plate, quick change systems and scrap shears

Scrap handling challenges

SENNEBOGEN 830 E Material handler Scrap handling Scrap yard Sorting Scrap


Sorting, piling up and loading of shredded and mixed scrap

Scrap handling pictures

Videos of scrap handling in action

Hybrid-system: This is how energy recovery works with the SENNEBOGEN 865 E Hybrid

25 Oct 2021

We show you how the energy recovery of our SENNEBOGEN hybrid system works, saving you up to 50% energy thanks to recuperation…


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