SENNEBOGEN Quality made in Germany Finish
SENNEBOGEN stands for... Quality made in Germany

Quality made in Germany

As a premium manufacturer SENNEBOGEN sets the highest of standards - and they apply across all areas of the company.



  • Built for continuous operation in tough applications
  • Extremely robust components in drives, undercarriages, booms, steel frames
  • High-performance engines and hydraulics for fast and effective working cycles

Using state-of-the-art tools to approve prototypes

  • Designing with SolidWorks 3D-CAD software
  • Strength calculations and optimization with finite element method calculations so that machines have high-strength components that are also weight-optimized
SENNEBOGEN Training Vocational training Apprentices Apprentice

Training as a foundation for the future

  • We support our trainees and train over 35 apprentices in 17 different jobs on an annual basis
  • Over up to three years, in our own apprentice workshop, precision mechanics right through to mechatronics engineers are taught the basics in conjunction with the vocational college
SENNEBOGEN Trial Test Inspection

Optimizing machines through testing

  • Once they have been made, prototypes are hooked up to various sensors and a wide range of measurements are taken
  • Analysis of these measurements provides the best parameters for optimal machine operation and a production-ready product
SENNEBOGEN Test Test area

Market-ready products proven in tests

  • Theory confirmed in practice
  • An intensive test phase in our own demonstration and test area under real application conditions proves series-production readiness and ensures that customers receive a well-engineered product
SENNEBOGEN Production Flame cutting

Flame cutting

  • Optimized component design thanks to close collaboration between design and manufacturing technology
  • Optimum cutting quality thanks to state-of-the-art cutting technology
  • Quick reaction times in manufacturing
SENNEBOGEN Production Plant 1

High level of vertical integration - highly flexible

  • Increasing expertise in the manufacture of highly stressed steel components
  • High precision decreases throughput times
  • Process security for the best quality
SENNEBOGEN Production Welding


  • High quality standards in all welding work for a wide range of steel grades
  • Ultrasonic testing of welding seams
  • State-of-the-art vacuum facilities
SENNEBOGEN Paint shop Paint Painter Wackersdorf Plant 3

Paint shop

  • Our own paint shop with flexible painting processes
  • Ultimate corrosion protection, saltwater-resistant quality available if required
  • Sandblasting unit for best surface preparation
SENNEBOGEN Specialist Employee Production

Trained, experienced specialists

  • Pre and final assembly done exclusively by specialist employees
  • High levels of professionalism in machine construction, hydraulics and electrics
SENNEBOGEN Production plant Production plant 2 Straubing Manufacturing

Specialized production plants

  • Sub assemblies and final assembly in designated production areas
  • Quality controls after every stage of production
  • Production tools designed for assembling large devices
SENNEBOGEN Installation and test

Full installation and test

  • Hydraulic adjustment, assembly and installation on every machine
  • Complete test program with systematic inspection processes
SENNEBOGEN Loading and shipping

Loading and shipping

  • Secure loading and lashing down for maximum load safety

ISO certification

ISO certification plant I & II Straubing (page 1)
ISO certification plant I & II Straubing (page 2)
ISO certification SENNEBOGEN Multi Line Wackersdorf
ISO certification SENNEBOGEN Multi Line Wackersdorf
ISO certification plant III Wackersdorf (quality management)
ISO certification plant III Wackersdorf (safety management)
ISO certification plant III Wackersdorf (environmental management)