Tree care handler felling excavator SENNEBOGEN 728 E problem tree felling landscape maintenance embankment maintenance timber harvest grab saw
Tree care handler SENNEBOGEN 728 E

Technical data:

Operating weight
up to 34,5 t
Maximum reach
up to 21 m
Diesel engine
129 kW

Tree care handler for tree services

This is how you carry out tree felling, tree care, timber harvesting and landscape maintenance with maximum efficiency: with just one operator, you can handle impressive volumes in the shortest possible time. Whether for difficult operations on slopes, uneven ground or on busy roads: maintain maximum flexibility thanks to the best stability and forestry tires.

728 Mobil


Your benefits

Enormous load capacities - extensive reach

Convinces even in complex problem tree felling with an impressive working radius:

  • 1.7 t load capacity at 18 m reach
  • 21 m reach incl. attachment

Maximum safety

  • Full protection grids for the cab
  • Cameras for all safety-relevant areas
  • Safe access, robust handles
  • Powerful LED spotlights

High performance for attachments

Thanks to separately tuned hydraulic circuit, you can easily operate even power-intensive attachments:

  • Grapple saw
  • Rootstock cutter
  • Felling grapple
  • Mulcher
  • Cutting unit
  • Trimmer

Maximum operator comfort

  • Best overview: all-round view thanks to spacious cab and large side and front windows
  • Simple control - intelligent machine feedback: SENCON control system with intuitive user interface
  • Maximum comfort, best ergonomics: back-friendly comfort seat, adjustable armrests, optimally arranged controls and joysticks with ergonomic design
  • Pleasant climate - no matter what the temperature thanks to automatic heating/air-conditioning system
Embankment maintenance tree care with tree care handler machine SENNEBOGEN 728 E

Master for difficult jobsites

Perfectly suited for difficult applications on slopes, uneven ground or next to busy roads:

  • Stable undercarriage with 4-point support
  • Sturdy forestry tires

Efficient and durable

  • For heavy-duty applications - even under difficult conditions: Long service life and high value stability thanks to robust design, high-quality components and a high-performance cooling system.
  • Environmentally friendly and economical engines: large-dimensioned lines and valves for best efficiency, state-of-the-art engine, drive and exhaust systems (Stage V)

Whitepaper: Effects of climate change & innovative solutions in tree care

What are the challenges in tree care?

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The SENNEBOGEN 728 in operation

Embankment maintenance on busy road with tree felling machine material handler SENNEBOGEN 728 E
728 Mobile - Embankment maintenance along a busy road
Location: Germany
728 Mobile - Felling work with felling grab
Location: Germany
728 Mobile - Clearing work with maximum reach: thanks to 21 m reach incl. attachment, the tree care handler can also be used for large trees or felling trees in second rows.
Location: Germany
728 Mobile - Ideal for felling work along roads: Thanks to compact dimensions and a stable stand, maximum traffic safety is ensured at all times
Location: Germany
728 Mobile - Stable stand when felling trees thanks to stable undercarriage with wide single tires and 4-point support
Location: Germany
728 Mobile - Slope maintenance with grapple saw VOSCH 1600-7T
Location: Germany
728 Mobile - Tree felling with maximum load capacity and reach: 1.7 load capacity at 18 m reach
Location: Germany
Tree care machine felling excavator SENNEBOGEN 728 E tree felling embankment maintenance problem tree care
728 Mobile - Tree care operation with maximum operator comfort: thanks to the height-adjustable and optionally tiltable cab, you have a clear view of the entire working area
Location: Germany
tree felling machine SENNEBOGEN 728 E tree care, embankment maintenance, problem tree felling, tree pruning
728 Mobile - Use with gripper saw Albach TFZ 90-360°
Location: USA
Tree care handler SENNEBOGEN 728 E timber handling log handling
728 Mobile - Timber handling with tree care handler: even in unusual applications, the SENNEBOGEN 728 E proves to be a true all-rounder
Location: Germany

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