The moulds are positioned as sets on trays and filled with liquid steel from below via a feed system. Three of these trays, each containing 8 moulds, are transported to a hall after the solidification period. The moulds and steel blocks, still with a temperature of around 800° C, are lifted onto a construction by the 870, where a cylinder loosens the steel blocks from below. The 870 then places the 10 t moulds onto a special trailer which moves them to another hall to cool.

The SENNEBOGEN 870 has solved a problematic bottleneck situation in the production process. The plant manager states that the SENNEBOGEN 870 transports the moulds twice as quickly as the underslung cranes previously used. This results in enormous savings in both time and costs, not to mention the extremely quiet and powerful 250 kW electric motor. The electric motor offers particular benefits for use in halls. In addition to emission-free operation, lower maintenance requirements and longer component operating life are further advantages of this modern drive technology.

The 1 m pylon extension and elevating comfort cab provide optimal overview and highest possible safety. The driver can see comfortably over the protective wall between the trays and the machine when moving the moulds. The K17 heavy duty special boom has been specially adapted to the specific requirements and, combined with the highly sensitive and precise control of the SENNEBOGEN 870, ensures that the casting moulds are positioned quickly and safely in the desired location. Special requirements such as these highlight the high quality consultation and service offered by SENNEBOGEN distribution and service partner ScanBalt Crane AB.

The 870 Electro transferring the moulds, each weighing around 10 tons, from the tablets to a jig for loosening the steel blocks.

The moulds are then loaded onto a special trailer that takes them to another hall to cool off .

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