„We always wanted a telescopic crawler crane on the construction site. We were so happy with the 643 that we now have a total of four SENNE BOGEN telescopic crawler cranes working on the site“, says Jens Herrmann, supervisor at Alpine Bau Deutschland.

„Compared with the AT cranes previously used, the SENNEBOGEN telescopic crawler cranes offer outstanding flexibility on the construction site. Being able to move the crane under load results in massive savings in both time and money“, continues Jens Herrmann.

The two-track rail crossing is part of the new Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle ICE route. At a height of 50 m, the bridge crosses the Unstruttal and the river Unstrut with four arches and represents a real engineering challenge. A total of 41 pillars and 4 steel concrete arches form the sturdy base for this highly impressive bridge construction.

Depending on the required work height and progress in construction, the SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes are used for a wide variety of lifting work, from the 613M and 643R, right through to the 683R. Steel parts for scaffolding, reinforcing steel or trussed rafters can be positioned, sometimes in tandem lift, safely and precisely in the desired location. Primarily in the construction of pillars, 8 ton shell parts are transported directly to the next pillar at heights of over 40 m with no intermediate lift. „The span width between the pillars is 58 m and we are often faced with difficult ground conditions. Here in particular, the telescopic crawler cranes, which can be moved under load with no problems, help us to save a huge amount of time“, states Mr. Herrmann, explaining the situation on-site.

Three 643 R with boom lengths of 30 m are equipped with a 13 m double collapsible jib for added lifting height. The SENNE BOGEN 683 R is also operated with a fly jib and additional work platform. The work platform is extremely versatile and offers a high level of operational safety for rescuing personnel from high positions. The low consumption, sensitive and precise operation and user-friendly controls provided by the machines received particular praise during use.

With numerous references and a high level of specialist expertise, Alpine Bau Deutschland AG is a major player in the field of bridge construction. Construction began in August 2007 and is expected to be completed in May 2011. The project is worth € 51 million in total and is being completed as part of the German Unity transport project.

A strong duo at work – the 683 and 643 telescopic crawler crane being used in pillar manufacturing. Moving under load saves time and costs.

The crawler telescopic cranes offer excellent flexibility and a variety of uses.

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