scaffolding with 16 t telescopic crane, SENNEBOGEN 613, Denmark
scaffolding construction Crane solution brings relief for employees
25.01.2022 | Danmark | Author: Franziska Limbrunner

Work made easier in scaffolding construction thanks to 16 t telescopic mobile crane

The Danish scaffolding company ASA Stillads Service ApS has set itself the goal of reducing the physical strain on its employees as much as possible and is therefore investing in a 16 t mobile telescopic crane from SENNEBOGEN. For the next 3.5 years, ASA is using the crane on a major renovation project in Roskilde. Owner Henrik Jessen explains why they opted for the SENNEBOGEN 613 Mobile.

Many lifting activities: Focus on employee health

scaffolding with 16 t telescopic crane, SENNEBOGEN 613, Denmark
The standard elevating cab gives the operator a comfortable viewing height of 4.30 m.

"There is a lot of heavy lifting in the scaffolding industry, and for the sake of my employees' health, I want to limit that lifting as much as possible. We have an elevator to move the scaffolding pieces up and down, but there is still a lot of manual handling when the pieces have to be moved in and out of the elevator. This kind of repetitive work is hard on my people, so I started looking for a better solution," says Henrik Jessen, owner of ASA Stillads Service.

A mobile crane as a perfect solution

For the contractor, the advantages of a crane are obvious: "With a crane, we can lift scaffolding parts, but also building materials for other trades, directly into the air and thus save time and effort. If there is technical equipment that can help our employees, we use it, of course." In addition, the mobile version on wheels can be moved flexibly and quickly and can also be used for pick and carry tasks.  

Clear decision for the telescopic crane SENNEBOGEN 613 M

"I asked an experienced crane operator, who clearly recommended the SENNEBOGEN. I had considered a telescopic loader, but that is not the right solution for us as a scaffolding company. I think that especially for larger construction sites with longer-term projects, a mobile crane makes the most sense," says Jessen. Like all telescopic cranes from SENNEBOGEN, the SENNEBOGEN 613 Mobile is robust, compact and manufactured for a long service life with its controllable technology. Thanks to its 4-wheel drive, it proves to be extremely maneuverable. For heavy lifting work, it can be set up quickly and easily on its outriggers, and the elevating cab offers a particularly good view of the load.

scaffolding with 16 t telescopic crane, SENNEBOGEN 613, Denmark
At ASA Stillads Service ApS, owner Henrik Jessen (left) and crane operator Chris Rendbæk are delighted with their new SENNEBOGEN 613 Mobile.

Lars-Michael Jensen, Sales Manager for SENNEBOGEN at the Danish dealer Scantruck A/S, confirms: "With the SENNEBOGEN 613 M, ASA has received a crane that is specifically designed for such tasks. It is a very work-oriented machine where no compromises have been made in terms of efficiency. At the same time, it can be said that the entire machine concept is well thought out and the crane is easy and comfortable to operate – a real plus factor during long working days. The SENCON electronic control system also ensures that work is carried out with the highest possible level of safety."

scaffolding with 16 t telescopic crane, SENNEBOGEN 613, Denmark
Crane operator Jesper Jessen also quickly became familiar with the operation of the new telescopic crane.

First jobsite: a large renovation project

The crane was purchased in connection with a major renovation project in Roskilde. Over the next 3.5 years, it will be used there for the replacement of roofs, balconies, windows and facade parts. The project started in April and the new SENNEBOGEN has already proven its worth. "When the 613 M is in the supported state, we move the scaffolding parts with mini-loaders. Then the crane can focus on lifting, which is the fastest process. Above all, we need reliability, and that's what SENNEBOGEN stands for. The crane also has the advantage of being able to rotate 360°. However, in Denmark you need a crane license to operate it, but two of my employees already had one," concludes Henrik Jessen.

All in all, the crane solution has significantly reduced the need for employees to lift heavy loads, which has noticeably improved the working environment.


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