Before the first 850 was delivered in August 2008, a SENNEBOGEN 835 was used intensively over the course of six months. „We are extremely satisfied with the SENNEBOGEN machines and the full service provided by Könicke Baumaschinen – right from the very first machine. It was therefore an obvious choice for us to add further SENNEBOGEN machines to the port in response to increasing quantities of goods“, explains Angelika Wenzel, head of vehicle management at Wismar seaport.

The key area of expertise of the Wismar seaport is the handling and storage of conventionally transported goods. The main types of goods transported to the port of Wismar include wood and wooden products, as well as metals and weathersensitive mass goods, such as salt and potash fertilizers.

Wismar seaport is a modern port logistics company and is constantly investing in the expansion of the port as well as in powerful handling technology from SENNEBOGEN. Thanks to the rapid change system, the machines can be flexibly deployed with orange peel grabs, clamshell grabs or trunk wood grabs, and offer optimal solutions to meet the various requirements of goods handling at ports. Major factors include the high level of availability and customer care provided by distribution
partner Könicke. The site in Rostock ensures maximum availability of the machines.

Trunk wood handling is a central handling task for the Green Line machines, not least due to the close proximity to the wood industry. Around 1.5 million tons of logs are unloaded at the Wismar seaport each year and transported from the storage site by tractor and trailer or by block train on the private rail connection to the wood processing plants in the bordering industrial district. The precise handling and excellent view from the comfort cab are every bit as important as the robust construction and reliability of the machines. The SENNEBOGEN 850 Special in particular improved the view into the ship still further with the 1.5 m pylon.

„We crane operators are extremely happy about the cooperation with SENNEBOGEN and Könicke. Additional equipment requirements such as the camera system were taken into account and enable safe and more efficient operation. The machines are reliable and, thanks to the high level of comfort afforded by the cab, we feel extremely happy in our workplace”, explained Roland Wegner, spokesperson for the crane operators at the Wismar seaport.”

Caption Wismar:
The new SENNEBOGEN 850 Special guarantees an optimal view into the ship. Powerful handling technology and ultrahigh availability for the many requirements of port handling.

Two SENNEBOGEN Green Line machines handling logs. Approximately 1.5 million tons of logs are unloaded annually in the port of Wismar.




Rostock Freight and Fishing Port

The nearby Rostock freight and fishing port has also been relying on SENNEBOGEN for material handling since 2002. A SENNEBOGEN 835 M Special was successfully operated here from 2002 to 2008. To help cope with increased handling quantities, the first SENNEBOGEN 850 M Special was commissioned in 2006, followed by the second in 2008. Over the past few years, this port has developed into an attractive universal port for handling mass goods, piece goods and project cargos.

A wide range of demands are placed on both man and machine. The mobility and flexible usage area, in particular in the port grounds in the second warehouse line, has resulted in a significant increase in quality. The conversion from rail-based crane technology to these devices was a logical development and reflects the current requirement profile of a modern logistics provider. Different ships with a wide variety of goods, such as scrap metal, grain, fertilisers or wood, must be unloaded safely and efficiently. „With the universal SENNEBOGEN machines, we can offer an expanded range of services, respond more quickly to situations and perform more competitive costing“, states Ronald Schulz, head of port management. „The machines are perfectly suited to our port. They are extremely reliable, flexible and durable. And if something goes wrong, we can rely on outstanding support from Könicke Baumaschinen.

Caption Rostock:
The universally usable SENNEBOGEN machines open up an enormous range of services in the Rostock freight and fishing port – here the SENNEBOGEN 850 Mobile Special with clamshell grab is shown.

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