SENNEBOGEN 840 Crawler E-Series handling bulk material in the port of Husum
Bulk cargo handling in the port SENNEBOGEN 840 E
23.03.2020 | Husum, Germany | Author: Kerstin Wabner

Port handling in the north of Germany - ATR Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG uses special solution from SENNEBOGEN

ATR Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG has invested in a new SENNEBOGEN material handler at Husum port, Germany, for loading and unloading ships with feed, synthetic fertilizers and grain. One of the special features is its visual appearance: Instead of the familiar SENNEBOGEN green, the machine shines in bright red to match the company colors. In addition, the machine has numerous other features that prove that SENNEBOGEN customizes material handlers to meet the exact customer requirements – in line with the motto: Equipped for every application!

ATR Landhandel GmbH & Co.KG, headquartered in Ratzeburg, Germany, counts more than 800 employees in Northern Germany, Denmark and Poland. It is their everyday goal to reliably supply agricultural enterprises with feed, fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. The Husum-based company is also an important partner for farmers in northern Germany when it comes to trading in grain and oilseeds. Since 2019, the special solution 840 crawler with 1.5 m pylon extension and 19 m "Banana" type equipment has been moving the numerous tonnes of bulk materials in the port on a daily basis.


All new possibilities in the port of Husum

Decisive for efficient business is the appropriate working speed as well as a responsible use of the available resources. With these two goals firmly in mind, the pier in the port of Husum has been redesigned. The mainstay of the scenery: a brand-new 840 E series from SENNEBOGEN. For Michael Hinz, head of the shipping department, the custom-built 840 E series from SENNEBOGEN is the ideal material handling machine for their purposes: “We asked engineering consultants to calculate the ground bearing capacity of the pier, as we are only allowed to have limited ground loads here on site, but wanted to achieve the maximum handling turnover. I then evaluated how much one tonne of bulk handling costs us, and, in a market comparison, the SENNEBOGEN provided by Schlüter für Baumaschinen offered the perfect all-inclusive package: Material handling results, performance and consumption rates were simply right, and thanks to an especially light shovel, the outcome is even better than the calculations indicated.

The reason for the machine's fuel efficiency is the Stage V diesel engine configured to meet the latest emission standards. Compared to models that were considered standard just 10 years ago, the brand-new generation of engines uses 25 percent less fuel. Furthermore, all engine and hydraulic components installed in the machine are designed per se to save fuel and reduce emissions: Thanks to the perfectly matched hydraulic pump and the large-dimensioned hydraulic hoses and valves, the system only pumps as much oil as is actually needed for the tasks at hand. This relieves the engine-driven hydraulic pump and at the same time perfectly transfers power to driving and working functions. The result? Best efficiency rates with minimum fuel consumption. Also, Eco-Mode and automatic idle support the driver by allowing the engine speed to be manually adjusted to the required lifting power or automatically reduced by up to 40% when the vehicle is at a standstill to save fuel. Finally, the stop function switches off the engine completely during work breaks – smart and without human intervention.


A prime example for customization

Numerous built-in features according to the customer’s requirements open up completely new possibilities for ATR Landhandel in daily business. With a reach of 19 meters and a particularly light clamshell grab with a bulk material volume of 4.5 m³, the new 840 in the crawler version loads and unloads ships every day. Thanks to its handling speed in combination with high load capacities, it fits perfectly into the processes on site. The compact dimensions of the machine allow fast and precise handling cycles and also guarantee maximum flexibility in the port regardless of the considerable size of the machine.

Thanks to the Maxcab premium cab in the industrial version as well as the special Skylift cab elevation with a height adjustment by 6 meters, the operator works in comfort and can look directly into the ship's hull. The front windscreen of the Maxcab Industry is fitted with bullet-proof glass as standard, tilted diagonally forward and thus enlarges the field of view. This provides an excellent feeling of space and an optimum, unobstructed view: due to the intelligent tilted position of the windscreen, dust and rain can only settle to a limited extent, which is a decisive advantage in terms of safety when handling fine bulk materials.

A specially designed wide-gauge undercarriage also contributes to the safety of man and machine by enabling the installation of a 1.5-meter pylon extension for an ideal working height. In addition, the forces occurring during slewing and driving are better distributed due to the enlarged contact surface of the crawler tracks and are evenly transferred into pier ground, which thus reduces ground pressure peaks.

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