large machines in port handling Safety and efficiency at 420 t operating weight
15.09.2023 | Straubing, Germany | Author: Dr. Franziska Limbrunner

Large machines for demanding port handling

For decades, SENNEBOGEN has made a name for itself with customer-specific material handlers, especially in the demanding port segment. SENNEBOGEN’s versatile port handling machines are particularly useful for unloading ships with bulk or general cargo in the shortest possible time. SENNEBOGEN offers a wide range of products, especially for large machines, ranging through to the largest material handler in the world, the 895 E, with an operating weight of up to 420 t and a reach of 40 m.

Great variety in size classes and equipment variants

Only at the last bauma, the manufacturer's range in the upper size class was again supplemented by another port giant, the 885 G Hybrid with 320 t operating weight and 38 m reach.Thanks to the proven modular principle, SENNEBOGEN offers a very large number of customer-specific equipment options for this model as well as for all other handling machines. This enables the customer to optimize the machine to meet his individual handling needs and local conditions. For example, there is always a choice of diesel or electric drive, the undercarriage can be designed as a tracked, mobile or rail-mounted version, and the flexibly adjustable skylift cab elevations can also be designed to suit the site and application, so that the 895 E, for example, can achieve a viewing height of up to 22 meters. SENNEBOGEN also offers an enormous range of variants for the equipment and configuration of the boom - with different reaches, payloads and attachments - precisely matched to the respective application. The Tool Control system ensures simple and safe operation and optimum presetting of the hydraulic parameters of up to 10 attachments. Thanks to the variety of equipment typical of SENNEBOGEN, even heavy container lifts and crane lifts are possible, depending on the machine.

SENNEBOGEN 885 G Hybrid, port handling dredger, handling dredger
The new port giant in the portfolio, the 885 G Hybrid, in operation in Croatia.

The new large-capacity cabin for the port: SENNEBOGEN Portcab

There is also the new, completely redesigned Portcab large-capacity cabin specially for the port, which is characterized by the best all-round visibility, a sophisticated heating/air-conditioning concept and ergonomic seating and operating elements. Large glass areas to the front and sides, as well as floor panes made of safety glass, provide an unobstructed view across the entire work area and into the ship. The driver is also supported by cameras when monitoring the safety zones. You can find out more about the cabin, including a 360° visualization, here:

The new Portcab large-capacity cab for ports offers excellent visibility and ergonomically optimized seating and operating elements.

Low operating costs, high handling capacity and safety

In addition to a high handling capacity, SENNEBOGEN material handlers are also characterized by efficient and resource-saving operation. Control modes programmable to the operator, the attachment and the application facilitate effective and safe handling of the machine and help reduce operating costs. The service-friendly and easily accessible technology with high-quality drive and control components also ensures consistently high performance and excellent availability.

In addition, SENNEBOGEN material handlers from 47 t operating weight are equipped with the Green Hybrid energy recovery system, which has been successfully established for large machines. By means of one or more additional hydraulic cylinders on the boom and a nitrogen accumulator in the rear, the machine stores the energy generated when the boom is lowered and releases it again when it is subsequently raised. The savings in operating costs of up to 50 percent that can be achieved in this way have been confirmed for many years.

SENNEBOGEN 895 E Port handling
The world’s largest 895 E Hybrid port material handler with 420 t operating weight. Here in the version with rail gantry in Austria.

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