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Scrap Handling


Recycling Lives is an important player in the British recycling market and has been growing steadily. Over the past few years the company has expanded to have a total of 19 sites, with six of the branches specializing in scrap recycling. Located in Preston, at the heart of Great Britain, is a 6.3-hectare recycling center and the company's headquarters. This is Recycling Lives’ flagship site, equipped with a fragmentiser and a depollution line, and production, welding and storage facilities.

Recycling Lives has made it one of its goals to always offer its customers the best scrap price on the market. How does this work? The scrap experts have many years of experience in dismantling and processing waste metal and, relying exclusively on specialist equipment, they are able to extract nearly 100 percent of the recyclable material from the items they receive, e.g. end-of-life vehicles. "We have invested in progressive processing facilities that ensure the most effective separation technology in the industry for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and needed support with on-site logistics," explains Paul Nother, Senior Operations Manager, in answer to questions about why the company has acquired an additional SENNEBOGEN 830 E series material handler.

Sustainable reduction in emissions

SENNEBOGEN's diesel engine material handlers operate in line with the latest stage V emissions standards and so dovetail perfectly with the company philosophy of increasing productivity, cutting costs and reducing emissions. At the recycling center, for example, there is a depollution line in operation which hollows out end-of-life vehicles before they are shredded and recycled. There is also a fragmentiser which efficiently separates metal and plastic components from each other so that they can be processed further in different ways. By putting recycled metals back into circulation instead of creating them from scratch, the company prevents unnecessary CO2 emissions of around 120,000 tons annually.

The SENNEBOGEN 830 E series is a perfect match. With its efficient, reduced emission 168 kW diesel engine, configured to meet the latest emissions standards, the material handler is ideally suited to supporting the company's demanding on-site work. The automatic idle and stop functions, and the option to work with reduced engine speed depending on the power required of the machine, mean that fuel consumption can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the optimally designed hydraulic circuit contributes to the fact that only as much hydraulic oil is delivered as is needed to operate the machines. The result? Top efficiency with low fuel consumption and minimal nitrogen oxide emissions.

Putting people at the center of every endeavor

As a company, Recycling Lives wants to create social value through its work. Through its in-house integration and rehabilitation program it offers homeless men and ex-offenders the opportunity to stand on their own two feet again. Just as the wellbeing of people, and in particular its employees, is at the heart of every decision the company makes, this is also evident when choosing machines, as great value is placed on occupational safety. Lots of safety features can be found on the 830: To protect the operator from stray items, the cab windshield is made of bullet proof glass and fitted with an additional safety guard. The standard Maxcab can be elevated by up to 2.7 meters, ensuring an ideal view across the work area. This is crucial when loading and unloading trucks, as the operator can comfortably look into the interior of the containers at a viewing height of about 6 meters, enabling him to place and remove metal or other recyclables precisely. The outriggers on the 8-wheeled mobile undercarriage provide even more security, ensuring an optimal distribution of weight and enhanced stability.

When working in a sitting position for eight hours or more, as machine operators do on a daily basis, it is essential to take measures to care for their backs. This could be special training in good back health, sports provision or the appropriate configuration of the work equipment. The SENNEBOGEN Maxcab offers a comfortable work space for operators thanks to its ergonomic design, the standard fitting of an air-suspension comfort seat which balances out the movement of the machine, an easy-to-operate joystick which is specially designed to be comfortable to hold, a sliding door and numerous grip handles that make climbing into the cab much easier. "The overall package that we received from SENNEBOGEN and our sales and service partner Molson impressed us - total reliability and a machine that is compatible with our values," concludes Paul Nother.

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