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Crawler Crane

Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes for heavy lifting works

Crawler cranes are made for heavy lifting jobs at various applications, for example the set-up of wind power plants. The concept of SENNEBOGEN lattice boom crawler cranes offers many advantages for the owner as well as for the operator:

  • lifting capacity up to 300 tons
  • safe movement of the crawler crane with up to 90 % of maximum load
  • easy self-assembly-system and cost-efficient transport
  • little space requirements due to compact uppercarriage, undercarriage and boom design
  • extremely large lifting range in height and reach with variable lattice boom (e.g. luffing jib)
  • safe lifting jobs under difficult ground conditions
  • up to 150 m hook height at max. boom length
  • powerful diesel engine in the uppercarriage of the crawler crane
  • comfort cab with intuitive handling and steering for the crawler crane operator

Overview of all Models

ModelMax. Lifting capacityMax. Hook height
Main boom SH/SHLH
Max. Hook height
Luffing jib
Rated engine powerWinch
SENNEBOGEN 1100 50 t
60,0 m

129 kW
120 kN
SENNEBOGEN 2200 80 t
59,7 m

186 kW
120 kN
SENNEBOGEN 3300 125 t
70 / 75 m
93 m
186 kW
160 kN
SENNEBOGEN 4400 140 t
70 / 81 m
98 m
186 kW
160 kN
SENNEBOGEN 5500 180-200 t
75 / 81 m
104 m
261 kW
160 kN
SENNEBOGEN 7700 300 t
92 / 114 m
154 m
313 kW
200 kN

Easy transport and self-assembly at -40°C

SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes are ideal for cost-saving container transport.

The crawler cranes have an easy self-assembly system and thus, can be built up without any help.

SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes are suitable for the lowest temperature usage in Antartica at -40°C.