SENNEBOGEN 817 E Recycling at Spitzbergen
Waste disposal company Recycling on Spitsbergen under extreme conditions
22.11.2023 | Spitsbergen, Norway | Author: Jennifer Bortmes

Waste disposal company on Spitsbergen relies on robust recycling machine

Icy cold with temperatures as low as -20 degrees, surrounded by glaciers, fjords and the northern lights. Spitsbergen is one of the northernmost places on earth, only 1,300 km from the North Pole. Here, the SENNEBOGEN material handler 817 E works in recycling operations under particularly challenging conditions. Despite the extreme weather and the Arctic climate, the 18-tonner reliably supports the Longyearbyen Miljostasjon waste management company in disposing of 2,000 t of waste a year. The machine was sold and delivered by local service partner Volvo Maskin AS.

Waste disposal in extreme sub-zero temperatures

In the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole, lies the archipelago of Spitsbergen. Characterised by its pristine landscape and isolated location, it is a central point for mining, coal mining and numerous research stations. Around 2,300 people live in the largest municipality Longyearbyen. It is home to the municipal waste management company Longyearbyen Miljostasjon, which has been in operation since the permanent settlement in the 20th century. With the commissioning of a new building in October 2022, 2,000 t of household and commercial waste is loaded, sorted, packed and exported every year. Especially in the summer months, the volume of waste increases due to the arrival of up to 5,000 cruise tourists.

Additional waste volumes from cruise ships

At this point, the staff at the recycling plant is increased from two to four employees to cope with the additional volume of waste from the cruise ships. The building of the waste management company is divided into two areas. In the front, public section, residents unload their waste, which is first collected and sorted.

In the rear part of the building, all the island's household and commercial waste is disposed of. This is where the material handler 817 E from SENNEBOGEN comes into action, equipped with a 500 litre sorting grab and a reach of 9 m to feed the waste to a shredder. After a short sorting line, the material is pressed, foiled and loaded into containers. Finally, it is shipped to a waste incineration plant on the mainland for further processing.

SENNEBOGEN 817 E indoor use at Spitzbergen
The SENNEBOGEN 817 E scores with its compact dimensions in indoor use.

Compact material handler replaces a wheel loader with poor visibility

Before purchasing the 817 E material handler from SENNEBOGEN, the waste disposal company used a wheel loader for sorting and loading tasks. However, the large amount of space required for maneuvering and loading the shredder and the poor visibility made daily work difficult. The new building and the changed space conditions in the hall also meant that other working heights were possible - a machine with more reach was required. The investment in the maneuverable 817 E material handler proved to be the perfect decision. The direct, electric control system ensures fast sorting and loading, while the machine can be moved around the hall effortlessly thanks to its compact dimensions.

Customized sliding shield prevents material from freezing to the ground

The additional custom-made dozer blade attached to the undercarriage with 4-point support helps to keep the working environment clean and prevent material from freezing to the ground.

The operators were particularly impressed by the elevating cab, which provides an unrestricted view of the entire working area. The company is completely satisfied: "The 817 E is the ideal machine for our application and has exceeded all our expectations."

SENNEBOGEN 817 E at sub-zero temperatures

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