The company Rohstoffverwertung Georg Lesch is headquartered in Schweinfurt, Bavaria, and has been a loyal enthusiast of SENNEBOGEN materials handling machines for many years. Recently, they tried out the 830 E-series. The high-performance 830 is the latest addition to SENNEBOGEN's Green Efficiency range, and draws on 60 years of development experience.
Ideal for handling scrap, the machine works fast and can be easily deployed at different locations on company grounds thanks to its mobile undercarriage. In Schweinfurt, the machine feeds the company's 800-ton scrap shears and is also responsible for sorting the materials. Rohstoffverwertung Georg Lesch, which has been under family ownership since 1954, specializes in recycling waste from industrial and stamping processes as well as the traditional scrap trade. With 30 employees, this medium-size company handles around 200,000 tons of material throughout Europe every year. The drivers and management were already familiar with a previous model of the machine, with which they were able to directly compare the 830 E-series.


Low fuel consumption and easy of use - Eco-Mode and SENCON

The machine's 164 kW Cummins diesel engine generates 223 horsepower, and its optimized tuning reduces specific fuel consumption. "Eco-Mode", which reduces the engine speed, and its automatic idle control and start-stop systems, all go to save fuel – as much as 25%, according to current measurements. Nitrogen oxide emissions have been halved by its high-tech exhaust aftertreatment system, and particulate matter has been reduced by 90%.
In addition to the new engine, the new SENNEBOGEN 830 offers superb driver comfort and easy handling. SENCON, the SENNEBOGEN control system, increases safety and makes for easy menu navigation. Measurements are output centrally for simple fine-tuning. The ergonomic elevating maXcab offers the driver a comfortable working space with automatic air conditioning and responsive joystick control.

The driver, Eduard Ensel, uses the new 830 around ten hours a day in Schweinfurt, and his first impressions are consistently positive. The machine gets the job done quicker in comparison with the previous model, according to Ensel, and he praises its ease of handling. As he puts it, "it's elegant to drive". Safety is a high priority at Lesch, another reason why the company has used SENNEBOGEN machines for many years. The 830 offers a comprehensive package of safety features for the driver and other workers in the vicinity. High-tech cameras at the rear and sides keep the driver fully aware of his surroundings. LED headlights provide clear illumination in the dark, and the sliding door with step and handrail, featured as standard, ensure safe and accident-free access to the machine. An optional superstructure handrail is available to provide the driver and service technician with additional protection during servicing.

Georg Lesch in Schweinfurt especially appreciates the robust and high-quality engineering of the machine. Solid cylinders for maximum loads, long-lasting mechanical parts and robust workmanship make it a reliable tool day after day.
Numerous equipment options, from the undercarriage to special-purpose attachments, make the 830 the best possible machine for materials handling.
Of course, as is to be expected, an electric version of the new 830 is also available. This model can reduce operating costs by as much as another 50%. An environmentally friendly, exhaust-free electric motor allows you to work free of vibrations with minimal noise even at high capacity.



"The 830 in the new E-series is both easy to use and reliable. Its responsive controls and powerful motor are the right combination for tackling the tough job of materials handling on a day-to-day basis." Driver Eduard Ensel (see picture)

"The consistent reliability and low operating and service costs were what sold us on SENNEBOGEN machines. With the new 830 E-series, this approach has been taken to a new level with Green Efficiency technology." Peter Heinlein, General Manager at Georg Lesch, Schweinfurt

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