With a comprehensive range of machinery, SENNEBOGEN offers the right solution for any job having to do with the logistics of wood processing. In addition to its existing 7-series machines that were designed especially to transport wood to the lumberyard and have demonstrated their proficiency in a host of applications over the years, SENNEBOGEN will be presenting a new concept in machinery at Ligna 2013.



The SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T: Efficient logistics in the lumberyard

With the 830 M-T, SENNEBOGEN offers an intelligent machine concept that is designed to load and transport wood with equal facility. As a trailer solution, the machine efficiently loads wood and can then easily tow up to 80 tons. Developed for fast loading cycles and towing heavy loads, the 830 M-T possesses an undercarriage with extra reinforcement. Thanks to the single tire all-wheel-drive with a separate drive system for each axle, it can reliably handle even difficult terrain.

The machine is capable of handling even the most difficult conditions as revealed by initial use in the North American forest industry. Designed for extreme conditions in rough terrain in difficult weather, the first machines have proven their mettle in North American woods. With more than one dozen reliable machines and satisfied customers, the SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T has survived the toughest real world conditions with flying colors. The machine and trailer combination opens up new possibilities in the European market as well.


In contrast to traditional wood handling systems, the 830 M-T can easily tow up to 80 tons. The machine therefore saves time and is highly energy efficient. The major benefit for the customer is that it can transport a significantly larger amount of lumber in a single trip. While other machines merely move and sort the lumber with the grapple, the 830 M-T is capable of handling five times the volume. In addition, the SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T has an impressive reach of 14 m which allows it to load long trailers and reach distant logs in the lumberyard without having to move. In short, the 830 M-T begins where other sorting machines leave off. The trailer pays for itself in long trips since fewer trips are required. The tractor remains a highly flexible and multipurpose material handler.


As a machine of the new E- series, the SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T also has attractively low fuel consumption and handily satisfies current requirements for tier 3b emissions. Green efficiency technology with intelligent engine control, exhaust aftertreatment and soot filters successfully combines economy and ecology, saves fuel and is environmentally friendly. The SENCON control and diagnostics system provides a clear overview of the machine parameters and enables easy and intuitive adjustment.



SENNEBOGEN solutions: From timber harvesting to logistics

With the SENNEBOGEN 718 which has been successfully employed as a mobile forestry crane for more than two decades in timber harvesting and landscape maintenance, SENNEBOGEN offers an easy-to-use universal machine that combines the advantages of a mobile machine with those of a telescoping crane. The innovative machine design is equally suitable for felling timber, landscape maintenance or loading.


With its 7 series, SENNEBOGEN offers three special machines for lumberyard logistics. Weighing 220 to 38.5 tons on the job and with a maximum reach of 11.3 m, the 723 M-HD, 730 M-HD and 735 M-HD were designed for both driving and loading. Designed for sorting and loading in every segments of the wood industry, other SENNEBOGEN machines are the right tool for the job, beginning with the SENNEBOGEN 305 and 310 as handy multi-handlers, to conventional material handlers of the SENNEBOGEN Green Line. 


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