This SENNEBOGEN 830 M-T, working at Services Forestiers R.G.T. for the Remabec Group, was designed specifically for logging work. Every SENNEBOGEN material handler is purpose-built for its application, but the 830 M-T introduces unique features found only on this one model. Engineered for both fast loading cycles and heavy trailer pulling, the 830 M-T is equipped with a specially reinforced undercarriage and with dual transfer cases delivering dedicated drive power to each axle. 



Highest reliability and nearby service and support

Operating in a remote boreal forest area seven hours north of Quebec City, Gauthier was careful to look into SENNEBOGEN’s service support as well as the capabilities of the equipment. He was pleased to find that SENNEBOGEN’s Quebec distributor, Hydromec Inc., maintains a branch in the nearby town of Dolbeau. The new machine is working there since the beginning of 2013, and cooperation is good, praises Luc Gauthier.

From June to early Spring each year, Services Forestiers R.G.T. runs its loading operations about 100 hours per week. Serviceability was a key factor when the camp’s management team was comparing machines. 

“We’ve found that the components are well placed and it’s easy to access them,” Gauthier reports. “For me, the biggest point was the fact that there are no electronic components on the machine. SENNEBOGEN uses hydraulics that I think any mechanic would be able to handle. We know how to work on this machine to keep it running and considering where we are located, this is critical.” 


On the job, the 830 M-T has been proving that it can carry its weight in a demanding camp application. The results have been good: the fuel economy, its stability on the rubber tires. It will do 2,500 to 3,000 hours per year, running on 12-hour shifts. Its lifting ability is excellent; you don’t feel the weight of the wood. The capacity is good and the pulling power is very strong. I see lots of opportunity for it in trailer-pulling service. All of that went into our decision to buy the 830 M-T. And so far, if we needed another machine, it would be ‘yes’ to another SENNEBOGEN.”


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