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On the road with the SENNEBOGEN 835 E-series

A machine only really shows what it can do when used in practice. Long development and testing processes culminate in the start of series production and the machine has to prove its worth to the customer. Hardly any other working environment is more demanding than the high requirements in port material handling. A new SENNEBOGEN 835 E was one of the first machines to begin operation at Elzinga in Holland in the middle of 2012.

With 12 SENNEBOGEN machines currently in operation, the Elzinga Group is not only one of the biggest customers in Holland, but has also been our partner for several new innovations at SENNEBOGEN. The very first port materials handling machine delivered to Holland, a 835 B-series with crawler chassis, was supplied to Elzinga and it still running reliably today with over 16,000 operating hours on the clock. The new SENNEBOGEN 835 E, which has been proving its worth at Elzinga since April 2012, has worked significantly fewer operating hours. Drivers and managers at Elzinga were some of the first customers to drive the machine.

Elzinga handles around three million tons of scrap and piece goods each year at Eemshaven, north-east Holland. Mainly sand and gravel, as well as round timber, grain and waste are unloaded from and loaded onto the incoming ships each day. "Time is money" has never been truer than at the port. In Eemshaven, the hull of the ship lies up to 6 metres below the quay wall at low tide – a major challenge for any machine driver. High loads and long ranges are required, combined with quick handling speeds. The potential afforded by the new machine is highlighted once again when unloading goods on trucks. The drivers describe their first impressions of the machine with "impressively fast" and "extremely quiet". "With the new SENNEBOGEN 835 E, we can achieve 3 cycles per minute in ship materials handling. This makes the machine significantly faster than its predecessor", highlights manager Eke Elzinga. According to Elzinga, between 2 and 2.5 cycles were previously possible depending on the situation – a direct increase in performance of at least 20 percent. In Eemshaven, they now have the direct comparison – the predecessor model and the new 835 E. It is the simple things that make a difference and are noticeable immediately without elaborate measuring equipment. Driver Andries Vriezema confirms: "You notice the change in noise immediately. The machine is much quieter both inside and outside." The running costs are important to every operator, and Elzinga is extremely satisfied in this respect too. They report lower consumption with increased performance. The Green Efficiency Technology also guarantees increased efficiency and efficient technology. After many years of experience, the company is completely convinced of the reliability and high quality of the SENNEBOGEN machines. A further benefit while on the move: The SENNEBOGEN 835 and be transported easily on a low-loader thanks to its compact dimensions. So it doesn't take long for the new machines to reach customers all over the world. Elzinga is just one of many interested companies

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