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    SENNEBOGEN grabs & quick change devices

    SENNEBOGEN grabs and quick changing devices – the perfect amendment

    SENNEBOGEN stands for over 60 years for innovative solutions in material handling and crane technology. With an own line of grabs SENNEBOGEN presents a multitude of especially developed attachments at the bauma 2013, that are exclusively designed for our machines.

    SENNEBOGEN quick change devices

    Six different quick changing devices are available for the SENNEBOGEN material handling machines. The scope starts with simple quick change couplings and extends to ingenious automatic change devices Toolmatic and Vario Tool. The control system Tool Control ensures simple and safe working and an optimal configuration of the hydraulic parameters of up to ten attachments.

    SENNEBOGEN grabs

    The orange peel grab SENNEBOGEN SMG is available in various versions and shell forms especially balanced onto SENNEBOGEN material handling machines. As the customer requests, there are versions with four to six shells realizable. In practice, the new orange peel grabs are satisfying with capacities from 400 l up to 5,000 l especially through optimized hydraulic, long-life cycle and various options from endless rotary device with electrical feedthrough over smart detecting devices up to additional shackles.

    With the new clamshell SENNEBOGEN SGZ, SENNEBOGEN offers an individual solution for each bulk material. Proof closing forage shells, wood chips-shells or specialized versions for use under water and demanding operating are available according to customer‘s requirements. From 1000 l up to 6,000 l are types for every machine available.

    The new product line of the SENNEBOGEN grabs gets completed with the timber grab S-HHG with a capacity up to 4 sqm and scrap magnets up to 5 t empty weight in combination with the new hydraulically driven SENNEBOGEN generator system. Further attachments, hooks and grab lengthenings are available beyond.

    SENNEBOGEN grabs and quick changing devices

    • 6 new quick changing devices

      • Default quick change couplings for non-dripping-coupling and simplest mounting of the grab hoses
      • SENNEBOGEN mechanical/hydraulic coupling device with mechanical quick change-mounting bracket for changing tools without unbolting
      • Diverse attachment possibilities at the ULM-stick
      • Fully hydraulic change device at short ULM-stick for safe changing of the attachments
      • Toolmatic: fully hydraulic change device for fast and save changing within seconds
      • Vario Tool: fully hydraulic change device for the use of big scrap metal shears.

    • SENNEBOGEN orange peel grab SGM: 

      •  Especially developed orange peel grab with half-opened and closed shell-profiles 
      • Rotor with electricity feed-through , detector system and welded shackles as further options
      • 4-shells-version with capacities of 400 l up to 2,000 l and max. lifting capacities of 10 t. Especially designed for usage on SENNEBOGEN machines.
      • 5/6- shells-version with capacities of 400 l up to 5,000 l and max. lifting capacities of 15 t. Especially designed for usage on SENNEBOGEN machines.

    • SENNEBOGEN clamshell SGZ

      • Double shell loading grab in diverse variants, beginning with proof closing forage shells up to wood ship shells and reinforced versions with changeable blades.
      • Capacities from 1,000 l up to 6,000 l and max. lifting capacities of 15 t

    • SENNEBOGEN timber grab type S-HHG

      • Optimal for strong applications in timber loading with clamping construction and high-tensile wearing profiles
      • Capacities from 0,8 sqm up to 4 sqm and lifting capacities of 10 t

    • Further attachments and magnets are also available