Maxcab E-Series The best-selling operator's cab from SENNEBOGEN

operator's cab MaxCAb E-Series

The development was based on feedback from the market and the drivers: The Maxcab II operator's cab is a workplace with a feel-good guarantee. Not only in Germany, also worldwide, the best-selling SENNEBOGEN operator's cab impresses with a spacious interior, a comfortable driver's seat that can be adjusted to your needs, and a pleasant indoor climate in any season.

The protection of the operator enjoys the highest priority, which is why the cab can be optimally equipped with different options such as protection packages - depending on the application in timber handling or also on demolition sites.


Comfort cab equipment

01 Maxcab E-Series

  • Panorama overview, additional monitoring of the right side and rear area by camera system
  • Safe access via sliding door and step grate next to cab
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Optimum interior climate thanks to air conditioning
  • Numerous storage compartments and optional cool box behind the driver's seat
  • Ergonomically arranged controls and joysticks that fit comfortably in the hand
  • Quiet thanks to optimized sound insulation

Interior views

For your safety



  • Robust full protection grille, specially developed for logging operations
  • All-round protection for roof and front windshield against accidental contact with logs during work and driving operation
  • Clear cab view on both sides thanks to rear-hinged boom

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