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Battery technology Contribution to climate neutrality

Battery technology from SENNEBOGEN

SENNEBOGEN has been building electric material handlers for over 30 years, which can be used stationary or by cable, but with limited mobility. Pure battery-powered machines, which are currently on the market, prove to be disadvantageous due to the limited operating time of the batteries. However, the new machines from SENNEBOGEN with battery technology now combine the advantages of both solutions. Because with the SENNEBOGEN battery machines you can continue working even when they are connected to the mains for recharging.

The battery-powered excavators 817 Electro Battery and 825 Electro Battery save an average of 40 t of CO2 per year. Six hours of operation without recharging. After that, work can continue in stationary mains operation with wired power supply via the undercarriage. The mains power supply is used for working movements, while at the same time the excess power fed in recharges the batteries so that the machine can then work self-sufficiently again.

The battery crane 653 Electro Battery saves an average of 23 t of CO2 per year in single-shift operation. Maintenance work is eliminated, and at the same time the machine operates completely without fossil raw materials and with reduced vibration and noise. This noticeably reduces the burden on people and the environment.

The most important advantages at a glance

neue akku technologie_SENNEBOGEN_Akkubagger_SENNEBOGEN 825 electro battery

01 Continuous work

  • Maximum mobility and uninterrupted work on the construction site, scrap yard or recycling yard thanks to dual power management
  • Powerful battery pack in the upper carriage or rear of the machine
  • Flexible charging of the batteries via the power connection on the undercarriage even while working

Video: From diesel drive to new battery technology

Dual power management

01 Working in battery mode

  • Energy source: battery pack in the rear of the machine (lithium-ion batteries)
  • Machine drives and works completely self-sufficient

Whitepaper: Electrification of construction machines and material handlers

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