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  • SENNEBOGEN Seilbagger 6140 HD und Raupenkran 7700 R-SL beim Einsatz im Hochbau / Tiefbau für Grand Paris Express in Frankreich

    Special civil engineering

    SENNEBOGEN 6140 HD & 7700 R-SL

    Paris, France

    SENNEBOGEN trio in action for the future metro station "Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital" as part of the GRAND PARIS EXPRESS construction site

    In the French capital, work on the future "Grand Paris Express" metro is currently in full swing. The extension of the Paris subway line 14 in the south will connect Orly Airport directly with the current Olympiades terminus. Special foundation work for the future Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital metro station began in March and should be completed in November 2019.

    RATP (Parisian Public Transport Authority), to which the Société du Grand Paris has awarded part of the project management for the southern extension, has selected the offer of the consortium led by VINCI Construction associated with Spie Batignolles, to build a 4.6 km tunnel between the future Maison-Blanche railway station in Paris XIII and the Villejuif tunnelling machine shaft. The contract includes the construction of the Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital metro station and five ventilation and emergency shafts.

    Perfectly suited for special requirements

    To construct the diaphragm walls at the Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital site, several machines are working simultaneously: a SENNEBOGEN Duty Cycle Crane 6140 E with a mechanical diaphragm wall grab and a second with a rotoforeuse hydromill. The 1.54 m thick walls are reinforced with frame cages weighing up to 70 t and 50 m long, which are lifted and erected with the SENNEBOGEN 7700, a 300 t capacity crawler crane as service crane.Spie Batignolles Foundations, which has already owned two SENNEBOGEN 6140HDs for two years, expanded its fleet for work on Line 14 South at the beginning of 2019 with a third machine of the same type, this time equipped with a mechanical 25 t diaphragm wall grab. Thanks to its 350kN free fall winches and its versatility, the 6140HD SENNEBOGEN perfectly meets the needs of this new Parisian construction site in an urban environment, close to the A6 motorway and the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital.Since their first operation, the SENNEBOGEN 6140 heavy duty cycle cranes have already proved their worth in several major Grand-Paris Express projects, particularly on Line 15 South. The teams are confident that the cranes used in the urban environment with their Tier4f compliant engines will reduce the environmental impact.Here, in the underground station of the Kremlin Bicêtre Hospital, the Spie Batignolles Foundation equipped one of the 6140 E with a 35 t, 550 kW XL rotoforeuse hydromill of the latest generation. The 708 kW motor of the duty cicle crane enables the drilling tool to be driven, which is controlled by the machine operator thanks to the modern and ergonomic touch screens and control panels in the cab. The grabs work at depths of up to 50 m on this job site, and the hydro-milling machine on the 6140E can even reach twice that depth, i.e. up to 100 m.


    • Trio of SENNEBOGEN crane and duty-cycle cranes on the Line 14 South - Grand Paris Express
    • Drilling with mechanical diaphragm wall grab and rotoforeuse hydromill, both equipped with SENNEBOGEN 6140HD cycle cranes
    • The SENNEBOGEN 7700R-SL crawler crane, with a capacity of 300t