At the end of 2012, Sales and Service Partner, IBS Baumaschinen, was able to deliver a new SENNEBOGEN 630 R- HD to Aqua Bohr- und Brunnenbaugesellschaft GmbH (A.B.B.), based in Bindlach. As one of the first uses the machine is working on the construction site of the new Regensburg District Office. Here two deep wells with depths to 83 m are under construction; in the future they will supply the office building via two heat pumps. For the digging work A.B.B. uses the SENNEBOGEN 630 R-HD duty cycle crawler crane with an attached Casagrande casing oscillator. Currently operator, Reik Lautenschläger, is digging as deep as 40 m into the ground with the piling grab. Then with a rotary drilling rig he will continue working to a depth of more than 80 m.

In addition to the limited space, the machine is working between two buildings and a major thoroughfare, the particular challenge at this construction site is the complicated soil conditions. On-site in Regensburg soil class 6 predominates. Cracked and crumbly rock, and a constant alternation of the extremely different strata make the deep drilling an extremely demanding task. In order to penetrate into the safe limestone stratum at a depth of approximately 36 m, it is necessary to work alternately with rope grab and chisel. As soon as the stone is crushed with the drop chisel, the loose material can be successively removed with the rope grab and the pipe can be driven in.

The heavy-duty duty cycle crawler crane with its two 9 t and 12 t winches is particularly well-suited for this extremely dynamic work. The casing oscillator is also hydraulically driven by the machine. Thanks to the hydraulic telescoping crawler undercarriage the SENNEBOGEN 630 R-HD not only stands safely and reliably, it can also be moved quickly and flexibly on the construction site. Moreover, with a transport width of only 3.30 m the machine can be easily transported on a flat bed truck. For the operator the maXcab comfort cab with air-suspended seat and sliding door offers an optimal overview of the work area and maximum operating convenience.

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