What is probably the most expensive and complicated highway section in the Netherlands is currently being built over a distance of around 7 km between Delft and Schiedam. By 2015, it will close the gap in the highway connection between Amsterdam and Antwerp. The project is expected to cost up to 130 million euros per kilometer, as the geological conditions are extremely challenging. To minimize the noise burden, the road will be largely built in a sunken canal. At the lowest point, the road surface will run 15 m underground. A high groundwater level and soft subsoil require extensive underground construction and foundation work to achieve a stable road surface.

Here, a new SENNEBOGEN 690 HD duty cycle crawler crane is being used for the first time at the Dutch underground construction company Volker Staal en Funderingen B.V. Immediately after its delivery at the start of 2013 by our Dutch sales and service partner Kuiken N.V., the machine began its work in special underground construction. Equipped with a powerful Cummins diesel engine with 608 HP at 1800 revolutions per minute and two powerful 25 t free-fall winches, the machine is perfectly equipped for the demanding work with a diaphragm wall grab. An additional 11 t crane winch for lifting and mounting work make the 690 HD flexible in use. At the construction site, the machine works a 2-shift operation seven days a week with minimal standstill and maintenance downtime, thanks to a large-dimensioned cooler, an 880 l hydraulic tank and 1000 l fuel tank. Its supplemental hydraulic system with 400 l at 300 bar allow safe operation of attachments, such as a sand pump.

With a 22 t Stein diaphragm wall grab, the machine is currently digging the foundation for the highway embankment. Up to 44 m depth the machine is digging at this job site. Later, the duty cycle crawler crane will also be used under bridges and overpasses. Thanks to optional low-headroom equipment including a short lower boom section, the machine can be used in an extremely wide variety of ways and in narrow spaces.

Despite its high capability, the SENNEBOGEN 690 remains compact and easy to transport. Thanks to the telescopic tracked undercarriage and a weight in use of less than 100 t, the machine can be simply and safely transported on a flat bed track, the most economical transportation means for machines of this class. For the operator, the maXcab comfort cab offers maximum comfort with its air-suspended seat and automatic climate control as well as an optimal overview of the work area due to extensive glazing. Operators can perform simple maintenance themselves thanks to the logical arrangement and central measurement and lubrication points. Kuiken N.V. with its extensive service network takes care of regular customer service work.

Statement: "SENNEBOGEN was one of the few manufacturers that could design and deliver this special machine for us. The quality and reliability of the machine were already fully demonstrated after the first few months," explains Pieter Arie Kraaijeveld, director at VSF.

Image caption: Volker Staal en Funderingen N.V. is using a new SENNEBOGEN 690 HD with diaphragm wall grab on the foundation footings of the Dutch A4 highway, which is currently under construction.

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