The electricity is transported from the substation platform to the shore and fed into the grid via a so-called export cable. To enable this export cable with a diameter of 16 cm to be routed along the bottom of the sea, BALTIC Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb GmbH from Rostock was commissioned to lay a pipeline in the seabed. In order to meet the tight deadline, a crane was needed which could reliably fulfil the high demands.

"We were looking for a compact, high-performance crane with crawler track and telescopic boom. We quickly chose the SENNEBOGEN 683, which we immediately rented for the whole period of operation spanning over three months", states Eyk-Uwe Pap, manager of BALTIC Taucher GmbH. "It was the ideal machine for us, offering safe and rapid operation on an offshore station."

How did the crane reach the operating site on the high seas you ask? Two tugs were used to transport the 683 on a "jack up" - a lifting platform for the water - from the port in Rostock to the operating site. The extendable stilts fixed the jack up to the seabed and positioned the machine approx. 5 m above the waterline to enable work to be carried out unaffected by the waves. The required material was picked up from another jack up or ships by the SENNEBOGEN 683 and fed under water. This included the 55 heavy-duty troughs with stones which were supplied by ferry from Denmark. The troughs, each weighing 8 t, were unloaded with the 683, tipped out together with the divers and installed at a depth of 20 m.

"We placed extremely high demands on the machine and were completely satisfied. Everything which had to be lifted by crane was positioned and lowered under the platform with the telescopic boom. We were frequently faced with working radii of 38 m or large loads. And in all weather conditions too." Eyk-Uwe Pap, Executive Manager BALTIC Taucher GmbH.

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