One of the biggest construction projects in the region is currently underway between Schwandorf and Windberg at the foot of the Bavarian Forest. Until now, natural gas has been transported via the transit route from the Czech Republic to Austria via Bavaria. To meet the rising demands on capacity in Eastern Bavaria, MEGAL decided to build another natural gas pipeline parallel to the existing line.

The pipes with a diameter of 1 m are laid under the ground over a distance of around 70 km. The ground water has to be lowered for this task, particularly when small valleys and troughs have to be overcome. This is where the water construction experts Kwade & Sohn come in. The company has specialised in water and well construction since 1890. The company is digging up to 400 wells for the project with the help of a SENNEBOGEN 630 HD, combined with a Leffer casing machine VRM 100 L. The decision-makers do not regret choosing a 630 to carry out the work. Thanks to its compact dimensions and high power reserves, the machine is ideal for mobile use on the terrain. With a width of just 2.75 m, the SENNEBOGEN 630 can be transported easily on the low-loader and the machine also offers high stability on the construction site with the telescopic crawler chassis. Well after well is currently being dug in the muddy ground every 8 to 10 m in a trough close to Ascha in Lower Bavaria. First of all, the duty cycle crawler crane inserts pipe with the casing machine. The core clearance is carried out with the freefall grab to a well depth of 6 - 8 m. Driver Holger Koops praises the high reliability of the freefall winch, which is safe and smooth to work with. The drainage pipe is then pushed in and covered in gravel. All these work steps can be completed quickly and flexibly with the SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crawler crane. Digging the individual wells only takes a few minutes and the machine can be used quickly and transported on.

The SENNEBOGEN 630 HD therefore combines high performance with optimal flexibility and efficiency. "As a driver, I can carry out smaller maintenance jobs myself on-site, everything is numbered and described in detail and, most importantly, easily accessible and easy to understand", raves driver Holger Koops, praising the benefits of the machine in everyday use. With an operating pressure of up to 100 bar, the pipeline will help secure the natural gas supply from autumn 2012. The SENNEBOGEN 630 HD at Jan Kwade & Sohn is helping to achieve this goal. Sales and Service Partner: Schlüter Baumaschinen GmbH

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