The Port of Tilbury London have recently taken delivery of a new SENNEBOGEN 875 M “special” port material handler, this is the first of this recently released model delivery into the UK. Forth Ports group have been using SENNEBOGEN port material handlers ( supplied by E H Hassell & Sons Ltd ) in their operation since 2008.

More than 15 million tons of goods are handled each year at the Port of Tilbury, London's largest port. All manner of construction materials, bulk goods, paper and wood products as well as a large number of shipping containers are handled by the port every day.  


Listening to the customer: Hassell & Sons delivers optimal machine

“As a group we have been more than happy with both SENNEBOGEN and E H Hassell & Sons, our requirement was for a similar machine to what we already have at Tilbury ( 2 x SENNEBOGEN 870M ), but we needed more reach and capacity. We know from past experience of the performance, reliability and quality of our existing SENNEBOGEN’s, in addition our service and operators like the simplicity of the product. We were also very interested in the Green hybrid energy recovery system which will save us fuel and therefore money over time. The flexibility of the SENNEBOGEN 875 M Port Material Handler, with its high capacity and relatively small travelling dimensions now gives exactly what we needed. We worked very closely with SENNEBOGEN and E H Hassell & Sons through the specification and build process to ensure all of our requirements were met” commented David Housden – Head of engineering & procurement.

Ian Hassell, Managing Director of the sales and service partner E.H. Hassell & Sons Ltd., added at the official handover, "We have been working closely with Forth Ports since 2008. The decision to add another machine shows that we are on the right path. Our goal is always to give the customer the perfect solution for their specific requirement and application. In summary this Sennebogen 875 is fitted with a 26 m curved banana boom, four-axle wide-gauge mobile undercarriage, 2 metre pylon, spacious port cab ( with additional trainers seat ), energy recovery system, special sea climate paint and cylinder protection. In addition we also arranged for the customers service technicians to attend a service training course at the Sennebogen training academy in Straubing, around a month prior to delivery, also once assembled on site at Tilbury, we ensure product familiarization took place with the ports operators”.


Green Hybrid energy recovery system saves up to 30%

The innovative SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid energy recovery system saves up to 30% more energy than conventional concepts. The principle is easy to understand. A third hydraulic cylinder, placed directly between the two hoist cylinders, stores the energy produced by lowering the boom in compressed gas cylinders. This accumulated energy is then provided during the next stroke. The principle is similar to a spring being compressed and then releasing its energy when it is allowed to expand.

Image caption: 

Official machine delivery to Forth Ports at the Port of Tilbury (London):

From left: Stuart Patersons (Group Finance Director), Andy Darlington (Head of Purchasing), Robert Aumüller (SENNEBOGEN Head of Regional Sales), Charles Hammond (Chief Executive of Forth Ports), Perry Glading (Operations Manager), Ian Hassell (Managing Director of E.H. Hassell & Sons), David Housden (Technical Director) and Stuart Miller (Head of Service).

The photo also shows the hydraulically extending Mastercab that allows safe entry from the ground.

A new SENNEBOGEN 875 handling bulk goods and general cargo for logistics provider Forth Ports at the Port of Tilbury (London).

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