Loading and logistics tasks at the Pilon company
Loading and logistics tasks at the Pilon company SENNEBOGEN 640 M Press-Kit
12.12.2016 | St. Petersburg, Russia

Mobile yard crane for logistics and handling: SENNEBOGEN 640 M for Pilon in St. Petersburg

As one of the leading bridge construction and infrastructure companies in St. Petersburg, Russia, Pilon specializes in bridge and road transport infrastructure maintenance, as well as hydraulic engineering. The company is currently using a SENNEBOGEN 640 on its premises as a yard crane for handling and logistics.

Founded in 1993, Pilon now has over 1,500 employees and is an experienced partner in traffic route and hydraulic engineering. In order to be prepared for the various sites where they work, Pilon has its own steel, concrete and building material production facility in St. Petersburg. Since 2012, a SENNEBOGEN 640 Mobile has been working at this facility as a yard crane for various handling and logistics tasks. The machine, serviced by sales and service partner JSC KWINTMADI, stands out for its wide range of possible applications. Thanks to its mobile undercarriage, the 640 can easily traverse the entire premises with its 21 m lattice boom. Whenever heavy parts or components have to be handled, operator Kosyakov Anatoliy is on the scene with his yellow crane. 

Since the SENNEBOGEN 640 Mobile is also designed for use at construction sites, the crane comes with two 16 t free fall winches. These are steadily powered by the machine's 168 kW diesel engine. The Maxcab comfort cab is particularly eye-catching, considering it can be elevated 2.7 m. During our visit, the machine was busy hoisting corrugated metal sheeting for roof repairs. A short time later, the crane was needed elsewhere. Steelwork in the yard needed to be prepared for transport and a generator had to be unloaded.

The multifunctional design of the SENNEBOGEN crane made itself readily apparent here.

For those in charge at Pilon, it was the crane's outstanding reliability and excellent "made in Germany" quality in particular that were deciding factors.

"We needed a crane that could be used both in the yard for logistical work and at construction sites. Mobility was also very important, along with user-friendliness and technology we could rely on. The SENNEBOGEN 640 gave us all of that," said Porshnyakov Alexei, the operations manager.


As the sales and service partner for the machine, KWINTMADI performs routine maintenance and delivers spare parts without delay.

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