Along Kastanienallee, which is popularly known as "Casting Alley", countless renovated old buildings and new buildings have changed the existing landscape in recent years. Every meter needs to be utilized, and this calls for creativity. For Alexander Kuleshov, the CEO of Cocon Wohnbau GmbH based in Königswusterhausen, this above all means providing flexible solutions. Currently Cocon is building a block of apartments in a rear courtyard in Kastanienallee. All of the materials must be moved in very confined spaces. The solution to the space problem was finally provided by the SENNEBOGEN sales and service partner and construction equipment dealer Gebr. Willing. And therefore driver Tino Trappe has been between the house rows with his SENNEBOGEN 613 Mobile since October 2014 and ensures that formwork, bricks and roof beams are moved to where they are needed for the building construction.

"Compact size means everything at the tight construction site"

The first challenge was getting here and delivering the crane, said dealer Georg Willing. "Try driving a crane off of a flatbed here in Kastanienallee without disrupting traffic. That is a challenge. Fortunately, as a telescopic crane the 613 can be set up quickly and needs less space than a conventional crane." Willing could not believe how tight it actually was. To get into the courtyard, the entire crane had to be maneuvered through a narrow driveway. Only 2.80 m wide and 3.95 m high - the eye of a needle for the driver. Now driver Trappe knows every inch of his machine. He moves the mobile crane from one side of the house to the other several times a day. The narrow space was an issue even before this construction project. It quickly became clear that it would only be possible with the SENNEBOGEN mobile crane, recalled Alexander Kuleshov. Even the construction elements were designed for the lifting capacity and range of compact crane. With its hook height of 24 m and maximum load of up to 16 t, the 613 M is ideally suited for the job. There was no lift where the driver did not have to telescope under load - a feature that distinguishes the SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes. In the narrow courtyard, the machine picks up the components and lifts them safely and accurately to the sixth floor. The driver always has the load in view from the tiltable cab.

Image caption: It is a tight fit in the Berlin courtyards: Cocon Wohnbau GmbH uses a flexible SENNEBOGEN 613 mobile telescopic crane for all lifting tasks.

Driver Tino Trappe

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