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Located in the heart of Cologne, Max Becker Trading GmbH has been an established entity in the field of scrap recycling since 1994. The first material handling machines from SENNEBOGEN were already active in the second year following establishment of the company. Last year, Sales and Service Partner, Baumaschinen Rhein-Ruhr (BRR), delivered a new SENNEBOGEN 850 R Special Electro. Two 835 M units round out the machine pool. They are used to move, sort, store and prepare the material by further processing by the metal scrap shears for further transport by ship.

At the customer's request, the 850 R Special was equipped with a 250 kW electric motor which yields a saving of about 50% of energy and operating costs as compared to the diesel-powered previous version. Even in stationary mode, the reach of over 20 meters easily covers an area of just under 1,300 square meters. Thanks to the stable crawler undercarriage with a 4.90 m track width, the machine is not only extremely safe but can also can be moved flexibly over the entire compound. To provide the necessary overview and reach for filling the scrap shears, the machine was elevated a total of 5.00 m by means of a tube pylon at the customer's request. Combined with the 1.00 m rigid cabin elevation, operator Lothar Lenzen has an ideal overview of his entire work area. In addition, the spacious Mastercab offers a high degree of operator comfort and ideal ergonomics. With the all-around glazing, including floor window of safety glass, the operator always has an overview. The extensive camera system and the LED lighting set ensure a safe work environment, even in poor weather.

After the first hours of operation, operators and supervisors draw a positive balance. The electric machine convinces through low energy consumption, and the motor offers constant performance in all load ranges. Extended maintenance intervals and lower service costs are additional benefits that have strong appeal for the owner. In daily operation, the lower level of background noise is an additional argument with which the SENNEBOGEN 850 R Special Electro can score points.

Moving material safely and with pinpoint precision: SENNEBOGEN multi-shellgrab
The machine was delivered from the SENNEBOGEN factory with its 1,000-liter-capacity multi-shell grapple. The 5-shell semi-open grapple with forged tips is adjusted for optimal hydraulic use. Together, machine and attachment form a perfectly matched unit. Optimized hydraulic flow ensures fast opening and closing of the HGT 1000 and guarantees maximum closing forces. This is all the more important when bulky material must be moved safely and with pinpoint precision.

Statement: "In the comfortable and spacious Mastercab, I always have an ideal overview of my work area. The powerful electric drive combined with the long reach make the 850 R Special the perfect machine.", states operator Lothar Lenzen.

Caption: Max Becker Trading GmbH uses a new electrically-powered SENNEBOGEN 850 R Special for sorting scrap and charging the large scrap metal shears at its site in Cologne Niehl.

Transfer of keys in Cologne: From left to right: Max Becker Trading Site Manager W. Hafner, Co-Owner K. Pfleger, CH. Schlump, BRR CEO M. Ausmeier, and employee P. Huhn, with Max Becker Technical Director A. Eckert

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„In der komfortablen, geräumigen Mastercab habe ich stets besten Überblick über meinen Arbeitsbereich. Der kraftvolle Elektroantrieb zusammen mit der langen Auslage machen den 850 R Spezial zur perfekten Maschine.“

Lothar Lenzen
Maschinenführer, Max Becker Trading GmbH
SENNEBOGEN 850 Raupe Schrottumschlag Umschlagmaschine Umschlagbagger Lothar Lenzen Maschinenführer Max Becker Trading GmbH

Material zielgenau und sicher bewegen: Sennebogen Mehrschalengreifer

Ausgeliefert wurde die Maschine ab Werk mit dem zugehörigen 1.000 Liter fassenden Mehrschalengreifer aus dem Hause Sennebogen. Der 5-schalige halboffene Greifer mit geschmiedeten Schalenspitzen ist hydraulisch optimal eingestellt. Zusammen bilden Maschine und Anbaugerät eine perfekt aufeinander abgestimmte Einheit. Die optimierten Hydraulikflüsse gewährleisten ein schnelles Öffnen und Schließen des HGT 1000 und garantieren höchste Schließkräfte. Dies ist umso wichtiger, wenn selbst sperriges Gut sicher und zielgenau bewegt werden müssen.

Schlüsselübergabe in Köln: Von links: Max Becker Trading Betriebsleiter W. Hafner, Mitinhaber K. Pfleger, Ch. Schlump, BRR Geschäftsführer M. Ausmeier und Mitarbeiter P. Huhn mit Max Becker Technikleiter A. Eckert

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