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F.W. Thomas, based in Walsall, England, deals in used trucks, trailers and spare parts - a global business. Sometimes, however, the vehicles are in such poor condition that the only thing to do is to break them down for parts. As far as boss, Bill Thomas, is concerned there is only one machine that can handle this job - the SENNEBOGEN 830 E material handler.

Supplied by sales and service partner Hassell in April 2016, the machine is equipped with a 168 kW emissions standards tier 4 diesel engine, a mobile undercarriage with all-wheel drive and joystick steering, and a 14 m long compact boom with a reversing mechanism and quick-changer. With the help of this equipment, tailored to the customer's requirements, the driver can easily change between the different attachments.

"No other manufacturer can offer me such a machine," explains Bill. The attachments need to be changed often, especially when dismantling truck trailers. The process goes like this: Firstly, all the reusable parts and all the non-metal components are removed from the faulty trailer. With the scrap metal shears attached, things like tires and axles are removed, and the chassis is separated from the truck bed. The reusable parts can then be processed separately.


"The SENNEBOGEN 830's robust design, the good hydraulic power and reliable service from sales partner E. H. Hassel have us convinced." Bill Thomas F.W. Thomas.

Quick-Change System of the SENNEBOGEN 830

Then, changing to the sorting grab, they start to strip down the truck bed. The wooden planking is removed before the scrap metal shears are put back on to cut up the steel frame. Being able to switch between attachments quickly and efficiently is, therefore, really important.  F.W. Thomas also have a multi-shell grab, a load hook and other attachments available for use on site.

Bill explains that another crucial feature is the Maxcab cab which can be elevated by 2.70 m. The elevated position, with an eye level of around 5.50 m, is especially useful when material needs to be loaded into containers or trucks. The driver has an unobstructed view of the work area and can position cumbersome parts with ease.

In its SENNEBOGEN 830 E series, fitted with a 20 kW generator to power the scrap metal magnets, F.W. Thomas has a truly multi-functional machine which can handle the wide range of jobs that need to be done on site.

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