Probably the largest mobile ram and drill machine in Europe performs its reliable service at the Royal BAM Group, one of the largest construction groups worldwide. BAM Special Underground Construction has specialized in planning and performing all types of foundation work. Particularly in city centers, these construction measures increasingly require new technologies and the most modern equipment. Currently, a new SENNEBOGEN 6100 XLR-2 is being used in Amsterdam to install foundation posts. Around 350 driven casings are rammed up to 24 m deep in the ground, surrounded by concrete and anchored, and so create the foundation for the following construction measure. The dimensions of the special machine can only be recognized with some distance. A 52 m long frame leader guides the 120 t sledge hammer, and the pipe is driven into the ground with a force of up to 50 ton-meters. This application is unique in this category and is currently the largest of its type.

As an experienced manufacturer in the construction of customer-specific special machines, SENNEBOGEN was predestined for conception of this special machine. In close cooperation with the Dutch sales and service partner Kuiken N.V., the perfect solution for the sophisticated underground construction site could be achieved. The SENNEBOGEN 6100 XLR-2 has a reinforced and extended uppercarriage and a reinforced body in order to absorb the forces that occur. Literally heavy-duty, the modified undercarriage was executed. The increased hydraulic performance and a directly attached power unit on the back also differentiate the machine. An enormous variety of reels makes the 6100 unique. The machine is equipped with two 20 t cable winches, an 11 t winch for the leader, a 16 t draw winch and a 7.5 t network winch. Added to this are an additional winch for the human elevator and a small 2 t winch for raising the hydraulic hoses.

The driver controls all these additional auxiliary devices from the comfortable, ergonomic Maxcab comfort cab and always has his working environment in view. The own weight of the SENNEBOGEN 6100 XLR-2 is around 170 t; added to this is the 52-m-long leader with 25 t of own weight and the attached unit, which simultaneously serves as a counterweight.

In Amsterdam, the BAM experts worked with an ICH hydro-hammer S-120. With a drop weight of 6,200 kg and a length of almost 8 m, the leader strikes up to 44 times per minute and drives the posts for the foundation work into the ground.



A specially designed SENNEBOGEN 6100 XLR-2 works on foundation work at BAM in Amsterdam.

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