Tips for the application
Trainee application Tips for trainees: application

Application tips for Trainees

Creating an ideal application


Every application should be well-organized, correct and complete. It consists of a cover letter, a CV and references for the items listed in the CV, i.e. certificates and proof of internship.


To round out

A high-quality, “radiant” application photo (ideally by a photographer) shows you from your best side. It’s a good idea to put it on the CV to round out your application, or on a separate cover sheet – but it’s not a must.

Cover letter

Main text

The cover letter is the main text of the application: ideally, it should be composed so that the reader knows exactly why you specifically want to engage in your chosen profession or studies at SENNEBOGEN. If you already got to know us personally beforehand – at a trade fair, in an internship, or at another event – be sure to mention it.


In tabular form

Please be sure to approach your CV systematically by content group – e.g. personal information, scholastic career, internships, hobbies, etc. Please order the time periods within the individual categories, i.e. starting with the earliest (e.g. elementary school) and stopping with the most recent (e.g. secondary school degree) at the bottom – ideally without any empty time periods. You can also list your language and computer skills, as well as your driver’s license, if you already have one.

Important: Don’t forget your contact information and, if you’re not 18 yet, the names of your parents.



All of the important points on the CV should be documented with a certificate. For that reason, please include the last school certificates as well as performance and internship certificates as an enclosure.

Time of application

The sooner, the better

The apprenticeship begins in September each year. We already start making postings for occupations about a year ahead of time and begin selecting shortly thereafter. What this means for you is: You should send in your application as early as possible (1 year in advance!) before your planned start of apprenticeship/studies.

Via E-mail

Send us your informative application documents, preferably as a PDF E-mail attachment (max. 2 MB per document) to

Sample application


Please don’t use a template for your application, since HR department employees will immediately notice whether an application was made individually or with a standard form.


Good preparation

Once the first hurdle has been overcome, the personal interview will follow. The same applies here too: Don’t be afraid, simply convince us that you’re the best one for the position. Prepare yourself for the interview systematically and inform yourself extensively about SENNEBOGEN and the profession. The better prepared you are, the higher the chance of success is.