Interview with apprentices

Lucia, warehouse logistics specialist and Jonas, industrial manager

Why did you decide to go for an apprentice position?

“Before I decided to start an apprenticeship at SENNEBOGEN, I had done various different work placements and had quickly realized that it was the commercial field that appealed to me most,”, says Jonas Fischer, explaining how he came to be an industrial manager. Ultimately, it was also the interesting products that attracted the 18-year old to SENNEBOGEN.

After gaining her high school diploma, Lucia Renner was initially not sure what she wanted to do next, but a temporary position in the warehouse helped with this. “I worked as a warehouse assistant for almost a whole year after leaving school,”, she explains. It was so much fun that I decided I wanted to do my training in this job too.” After her trial period at SENNEBOGEN it was clear: “I wanted to start training here as a warehouse logistics specialist, and as my interview was also very positive things were put in place.”

What did you expect from your apprenticeships and were those expectations met?

“I have to be honest, I didn’t think that I would have so many different impressions and insights into different departments during my time as an apprentice.” As an industrial manager Jonas moves around departments on a 4-month cycle and has the opportunity to get to know lots of departments and colleagues. “After school my only hope initially, was that everything would by ok. This expectation was met fully,” Jonas goes on to explain.

Lucia was already quite familiar with the job, but it was also an interesting period for her at the start. “All of a sudden, unlike at school, people aren’t keeping an eye on you all the time. You have to work independently and quickly have the freedom to act. Personally, that really helped me and I benefited from it.” The warehousing processes and the sheer size and diversity of the components was, naturally, impressive at the start. Lucia had not experienced that before and the work processes at SENNEBOGEN are also very structured and precise.  

It was similar for Jonas: “I was particularly impressed by the fact that right from the start us apprentices were given our own tasks and were integrated into the work process. You quickly realize that the work you are doing is very important to the running of the department.” Finally, they are able to say unanimously, “I enjoy my work”, and that is what counts.

What advice would you give to a new apprentice?

“Experience as much as you can through work placements and from friends and acquaintances, that will help you to quickly discover what is right for you...”

“You should always choose a job that you enjoy. And don’t put too much pressure on yourself – yes, an apprenticeship is demanding, but we’ve made it!”

Jonas and Lucia
Apprentices at SENNEBOGEN

Which departments have you got to know, which did you particularly enjoy?

“Well, I’m really only familiar with the logistics department, but, of course, there are different parts to the department from incoming goods through to the customs warehouse for our collaboration with America. But in the end it all adds up,” says Lucia.

Lucia takes care of the order picking, ensuring that all the parts are assigned to the correct orders, are packed and sent out correctly. “You need to get it right every time. Even as a woman it is no problem and the dynamics of the team are really great. The mixture of computer work and hands-on tasks is what makes this job so great.”

“In total I have worked in five different departments,” explains Jonas, “I like the Production Control department best as you can work very closely with the product there and switching between production and the office means you never get bored.”

Whilst Lucia will go straight to working in order picking once she has graduated, Jonas will go to BOS [higher vocational school], as his ultimate aim is to one day work as an auditor or in research.


What makes SENNEBOGEN a good apprenticing company?

“For me the variety is the key thing here – so many departments and such a wide range of products. That doesn’t happen very often in our profession,”Jonas is convinced.

For Lucia the “extras” count too – having contact with customers around the world and the support of the apprentice team that looks after around 100 apprentices. That all sounds very good. “The highlight for me last year was the apprentice trip to bauma. There we saw what SENNEBOGEN stands for and also what competitors do. We could be proud of our association with SENNEBOGEN!”

And the accolades show just how well they have done. Both of our interviewees have received awards for their outstanding performances as apprentices. Lucia Renner was recognized by IHK Niederbayern for her very good final grade of 1.0. Jonas Fischer received a certificate from the government in Niederbayern for his results.

We say “respect” and thank them for talking to us.

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