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SENNEBOGEN 6130 Crawler

6130 HCC with crane equipment

The SENNEBOGEN harbour crawler crane (HCC) 6130

  • Heavy load design with double winch for general goods handling, heavy load handling and bulk goods handling
  • Mobile undercarriage for optimal flexibility in harbour environments
  • Elevating cab with 11 m viewing height
  • Can be equipped with a grab or load hook
  • Maximum working radius 45 m
  • Travelling under load

HMC=Harbour Mobile Crane; HCC=Harbour Crawler Crane

Job site pictures

Harbour crane 6130 crawler, port handling

Technical Data

Max. Lifting capacity84 tMax. Hook height52,3 m
Rated engine power433 kW   

The SENNEBOGEN 6130 in comparison

ModelTypeMax. Lifting capacityMax.
Hook height
Rated engine power
SENNEBOGEN 6130 Crawler 84 t 52,3 m 433 kW
SENNEBOGEN 6200 Crawler 122 t 60 m 470 / 570 kW