SENNEBOGEN 6130 HMC in der Offshore- Verladung
Port Handling 6130 Harbour Mobile Crane
20.01.2014 | Peterhead, Scottland | Author: Florian Attenhauser

New mobile harbor crane in Peterhead: 2x SENNEBOGEN 6130 HMC for offshore loading

Located in Peterhead, on the Scottish coast, ASCO, as an international oilfield support services company, operates its largest logistics base for offshore supply. With two new SENNEBOGEN 6130 mobile harbor cranes, here reliable loading of goods is ensured even under the harshest conditions.

Peterhead is situated on the northeast coast of Scotland and is a significant center of the oil and gas extraction industry that prevails in the North Sea. In 1973, ASCO, a young company at the time, opened the first logistics base there - it has been a success story for the enterprise and for the region. Today ASCO is active in 13 countries and annually moves 1.7 million tons of goods to supply innumerable offshore platforms in the world's oceans.

To meet the increasing competitive demands the decision was made to acquire two new mobile harbor cranes. After an extensive project planning phase, the choice was made for the SENNEBOGEN 6130 HMC. In Norway the company had already had good experience with these machines, which are specially designed for offshore loading. In mid 2013 the responsible Sales and Service Partner, E. H. Hassells & Sons Ltd, was able to officially transfer the machines.

Approximately 47-55 offshore vessels a week are loaded and unloaded in the Peterhead Supply Base. The ships supply oil and gas extraction platforms with all materials, starting with food products and extending to drilling and construction material. Consequently, availability and speed are the important criteria for the upstream on-shore logistics.

The two SENNEBOGEN 6130 mobile harbor cranes are impressive with the highest level of flexibility and reliability. Up to 10 times a day the machines must be converted on the 12 km² harbor facility, this requires fast setup times and effective interaction of operator and machine when maneuvering. The pendulum suspension articulated jib system of the 4-axle mobile undercarriage with all-wheel drive safely brings the power of the 354 kW diesel engine to the road. Thanks to the flexibility of the machines the firm has been able to optimize logistics processes, Operations Manager, Duncan Bell, explains: "Previously the ships had to dock at specific berths depending on the material loaded, and it was not a rare situation that the ship was also transferred several times; today we move from one quay to the other within a few minutes. This is an immense saving in time and energy."

The ships can be en route to the offshore platforms in the North Sea for up to 8 days. In the harbor, containers drilling heads, or long pipes must be unloaded and re-loaded in the shortest time possible. Thus in a 12-hour shift an operator easily executes up to 300 lifts. The pre-mounted control and regulating valves that are mounted on the bore hole and control and monitor the oil or gas flow are referred to as Christmas trees. They weigh as much as 50 t and, thanks to the two powerful 20 t winches of the 6130 HMC, they can be quickly and safely loaded. With a viewing height of up to 11 m, thanks to the elevating cab it is possible to safely position the load on the deck of the ship even in adverse weather conditions.

Overall 7 operators work on the two SENNEBOGEN machines around the clock in 12-hour shifts. John Adams and Rob McIvor agree, "Operator comfort in the spacious and ergonomic Portcab is crucial for our work accuracy and safety". "Even after a 12-hour shift, you feel that you are still fit to perform the work reliably and safely."

"With the two SENNEBOGEN 6130 HMCs we have found the perfect machine for loading our offshore supply ships. The performance of the cranes convinced us immediately. We work faster, more efficiently, and more safely. "For our workers, this investment is a great work facilitator and motivation."
Operations Manager Peterhead Supply Base, Duncan Bell

"The elevating cab of the new SENNEBOGEN 6130 is the highlight of this great machine. From the 11 m viewing height I have the complete overview of the load on the hook and I can position it safely on the deck.
Operator John Adams

Image captions:
In mid 2013 two new SENNEBOGEN 6130 mobile harbor cranes were placed in service at ASCO at Peterhead Scotland. They ensure reliable loading and unloading of the offshore supply ships with goods weighing up to 60 t.

In mid 2013, SENNEBOGEN, together with local Sales Partner E. H. Hassells & Sons Ltd., was able to transfer two new 6130 HMC machines to ASCO. At the key transfer: Duncan Bell, Operations Manager ASCO, Christian Straßer, Regional Sales Manager, SENNEBOGEN, and Ian Hassell.

Statement photo: Duncan Bell is Operations Manager at Asco in Peterhead

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