Port crane SENNEBOGEN 6130

Technical data:

Load capacity
up to 84 t
Hook height
up to 46,7 m
Diesel engine
from 354 to 433 kW

Port crane with 84 t load capacity

The SENNEBOGEN 6130 port crane ensures logistical availability and speed. Thanks to the machine’s versatility, logistical processes can be optimized and huge savings can be made both in terms of time and energy. The two powerful 20 t winches  ensure  quick and safe loading.  Thanks to the elevating cab loads can be safely positioned on the ships’ decks.

The SENNEBOGEN 6130 in operation

SENNEBOGEN 6130 versatile and reliable port crane Loading
6130 Crawler - Loading
SENNEBOGEN 6130 versatile and reliable port crane Loading
6130 Mobile - Loading
SENNEBOGEN 6130 HMC Port crane Mobile port crane for port handling ship handling general cargo handling
6130 Crawler - Loading and unloading ships

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6130 Harbour Crawler Crane

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6130 Harbour Mobile Crane

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