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Environmental protection, saving money

1. Meets the stringent TIER 4i Emission regulations

motor einstellungen
  • Optimised engine settings, reduced specific fuel consumption
  • Clean air thanks to modern exhaust gas treatment
    - minus 50 % Nitrogen Oxide
    - minus 90 % Particulate Matter

2. Greatest efficiency and rate - up to - 25% fuel consumption

Optimized Hydraulics

  • Extremely large dimension hydraulic valves and hoses for optimal efficiency
  • Increased efficiency with HVLP hydraulic oil offering improved viscosity-temperature performance and rapid warm-up
  • Increase oil service life enables 50 % longer change intervals of 3,000 operating hours

3x Saving fuel

  • Automatic stop function switches the engine off if no power is required
  • Work in ECO mode with reduced speed
  • Automatic idling mode reduces the speed to 40% of the working speed

3. Noise reduction - 4,5 dB

  • Even, low-noise operation of the machine through the decoupled motor mounting and sound insulation mats in the doors
  • Sound pressure level reduced by up to 4.5 dB, sound power level up to 1 dB under the required level in accordance with 2000/14/EG