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With the 830 and 835 , SENNEBOGEN is one of the first manufacturers to launch their material handling machines on the market which comply completely with the compulsory criteria of TIER 4 or 3b due to come into force from 2014. The machines also set new standards with regard to performance and operator comfort, combined with improved environmental compatibility.  

With sophisticated motor technology, innovative ECO mode and no-load automatic stop function, the SENNEBOGEN 830 and 835 achieve the optimal balance between increased performance and reduced consumption. 

The optimised fan system is particularly impressive, based on efficient technology and know-how. The intercooler with direct mechanical drive offers maximum air supply right from the start. The operating materials and components reach operating temperature quickly and at the same time and the entire system also works extremely energy-efficiently thanks to the additional temperature-dependant oil and water cooler. The SENNEBOGEN 830 has a 164 kW Cummins diesel engine which generates 223 horsepower, and its optimized tuning reduces specific fuel consumption. With the big brother, the 835, it is 224 kW and 8.9 liter displacement. When working in the so-called Eco Mode with reduced speed, and thanks to automated idling and stop processes, both save a lot of fuel. Current measurements confirm savings of up to 25 %. In addition to the new motorization, the current models also offer maximum comfort and easy handling. SENCON, the SENNEBOGEN control system, offers safety and easy menu navigation. Measured values are output centrally for simple fine-tuning. The ergonomic elevating Maxcab comfort cab offers the operator a pleasant workplace with automatic air conditioning and responsive joystick control. 



The 90 % reduction in soot particles and 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions guarantee cleaner air. Both machines also set new standards in the field of background noise. Thanks to the reinforced cab windows and insulated sound transmission paths, the sound pressure level in the SENNEBOGEN 835 driver's cab has been reduced by more than half, or 4 dB in concrete terms. Through improved absorption measures, the sound power level lies under the values specified in 2000/14/EC by a total of 2 dB and therefore significantly exceeds the legal requirements.



Driver Eduard Ensel uses the new 830 around ten hours a day in Schweinfurt, and his first impressions are consistently positive. The machine gets the job done quicker in comparison with the previous model, according to Ensel, and he praises its ease of handling. As he puts it, "it's elegant to drive". Safety is a high priority at Lesch, another reason why the company has used SENNEBOGEN machines for many years. The 830 offers a comprehensive package of safety features for the driver and other workers in the vicinity. High-tech cameras at the rear and sides keep the driver fully aware of his surroundings. LED headlights provide clear illumination in the dark, and the sliding door with step and handrail, featured as standard, ensure safe and accident-free access to the machine.

"The 830 in the new E-series is both easy to use and reliable. Its responsive controls and powerful motor are the right combination for tackling the tough job of materials handling on a day-to-day basis." 

Driver Eduard Ensel
Fa. Georg Lesch e.K. - Schweinfurt


Elzinga handles around three million tons of scrap and piece goods each year at Eemshaven, north-east Holland. In Eemshaven, the hull of the ship lies up to 6 metres below the quay wall at low tide – a major challenge for any machine driver. High loads and long ranges are required, combined with quick handling speeds. The potential afforded by the new machine is highlighted once again when unloading goods on trucks. "With the new SENNEBOGEN 835 E-series, we can achieve 3 cycles per minute in ship materials handling. This makes the machine significantly faster than its predecessor", highlights manager Eke Elzinga. According to Elzinga, between 2 and 2.5 cycles were previously possible depending on the situation – a direct increase in performance of at least 20 percent. In Eemshaven, they now have the direct comparison – the predecessor model and the new 835 E-series. It is the simple things that make a difference and are noticeable immediately without elaborate measuring equipment. Driver Andries Vriezema confirms: "You notice the change in noise immediately. The machine is much quieter both inside and outside."  


  • Sophisticated motor technology, ECO mode and no-load automatic stop function reduce consumption
  • 90 % reduction in soot particles and 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions
  • maXcab comfort cab offers outstanding visibility and the highest operating comfort as well as reduced sound preasure level by up to 4 dB
  • SENCON Control system and periphery cameras support the driver
  • Two robust slewing gears and extremely robust cylinders offer fast work cycles und high reliability
  • Centrally accessible measuring and lubrication points and manageable technology save time and effort in everyday operation
  • Top quality oils and components help to achieve higher efficiency levels


Of course, the 830 and 835 are also still available in the electric version. These models will reduce your operating costs by up to 50 % more. The environmentally-friendly, emission-free electric motor offers low-noise, vibration-free operation for even the highest requirements.

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