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25.03.2014 | Creuzburg, Deutschland | Author: Florian Attenhauser

SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ: Innovative balance technology and electric drive at Pollmeier in wood logistics implementation

At the beginning of 2014, with the new SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ, an exemplary machine concept went into operation at Pollmeier Holzwerke in Creuzburg, in the German state of Thuringia. The materials handling machine for charging the logwood cross-cut system and the conditioning basins is stationed above the plant. The new development of the Lower Bavarian machine engineering specialist is consistently balanced, and thanks to the classic lever principle and electric drive, it guarantees the lowest energy costs and operating costs in daily operation.

Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH is pursuing an ambitious project. In the future, the world's first veneer layer lumberyard should be capable of producing glued laminated beech panels on a large scale. The plant is still in the erection phase, even though some sections, such as the logwood cross-cut system and the conditioning basins are already in operation. A SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ, which unloads the logs from the arriving trucks and charges the plant, stands at the beginning of the overall process. The stationary machine, which was delivered by dealer Louis Scheuch at the end of 2013, conveniently covers an area of 2300 m², and thus can safely service the conditioning basins that are arranged in a fan shape. In the first step, the machine removes the beech trunks from the delivering trucks, and positions the trunks on the centrally positioned logwood cross-cut system. After fully automated peeling and debarking, the trunks go into the conditioning basins, which are arranged in a fan shape, for 48 hours. In the future, 20 of these basins will bring the trunks to a core temperature of of 72° Celsius to prepare them for the subsequent veneer cutting.

Thanks to the central position of the machine, all work steps can be optimally worked through in terms of logistics. The machine is powered by an 160 kW electric motor. All the equipment is moved by just two cylinders. The functional principle is as simple as it is effective: A coupling bar that is routed parallel to the boom, connects the stick with the rear counterweight and ensures an effective transmission of force. With each work movement the forces are held in balance in accordance with the classic lever principle. Thus the expenditure of force for moving the equipment can almost be completely dispensed with. Like the entire plant, the SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ is also electrically powered. As opposed to conventional hydraulic material handling devices, the balancing technology of the 8130 EQ enables savings of energy costs and operating costs of up to 75%, as compared with diesel propulsion.

With a safe working load of up to 5 t at a range of 27 m, the stationary machine not only covers the entire work area safely, it can even move the heavy covers of the conditioning basins without external help. Operator Heiko Fuhs has an overview of the entire plant and controls the entire plant from his elevated position. For the operator, the proven SENNEBOGEN maXcab Industry Comfort cab, in addition to the spacious interior, enables an optimal all-around view and an unobstructed view into the steam basins, thanks to the contiguous inclined armored glass windshield and floor window. In addition surroundings cameras that keep every angle of the work area in view are mounted on the equipment.

Up to 40 solid cubic meters of beech wood per hour should be peeled as veneer in full operation and later pressed to form glued-laminated panels. To do this Pollmeier procures beech trunks from a radius of 200 km. Just under 130 trucks a day should be the maximum number at the busiest times, explains production manager, Rainer Moog, on site. After all one conditioning basin can hold 200 solid cubic meters. With the SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ the company has found a machine that combines energy-efficiency and environmental responsibility with high-performance. Since the entire plant is a world innovation, the company also relied on state-of-the-art technology for the charging machine.

In daily operation easy maintenance and safety, in particular, are what counts. The power pack, which can be walked, on provides optimal accessibility to the motor and control technology under any weather conditions – easy servicing in its best implementation. All drive components and control components are brought together centrally in a spacious machine room. Perimeter railing and the generous step grid on the mast ensure safety in daily use. The local Sales Partner, Louis Scheuch GmbH, who also provided support in the concept and erection of the machine, takes care of on-site service.


"The SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ is the heart of our logistics concept for charging the logwood cross-cut system and the associated conditioning basins. Thanks to the central position, the entire plant can be conveniently monitored and controlled from the operator cab. The combination of electric drive and balancing technology convinced us right from the start – that's energy efficiency par excellence." Production manager Rainer Moog – Pollmeier Holzwerke, Creuzburg, (Thuringia)

"From my SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ I have the overview of the entire plant. The machine can be controlled with precision and sensitivity, and thanks to the well-organized Maxcab Industry cab and numerous surroundings cameras, I always have the conditioning basins and the cross-cut system safely in view." Operator Heiko Fuhs – Pollmeier Holzwerke, Creuzburg

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Electrically powered, at Pollmeier the SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ covers an area of up to 2300 m² as a stationary machine, and charges the logwood cross-cut system and the conditioning basins, which are arranged in a fan shape.

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